How To Add the Finishing Touches to Nail Art

Body art is becoming increasingly popular in all walks of life, as more and more people are wanting to display their creativity through displays of art. Whether it be jewelry, hairstyles, clothing or tattoos and piercings, fashion is changing, and salons are recognizing this trend.  Colorful nail polish colors have been in style for several years, and now nail art is coming back in style, as well.  You can buy nail art kits everywhere, from specialty stores to mass merchandisers, or have an artist apply them at a salon.  No matter how you choose to display this creative nail style, be aware that finishing touches are always needed to finalize the statement. 

If you're wanting to apply nail art yourselves, you need to first decide on a few things: are you wanting a peel-and-stick type of appliqué, or something a little more permanent?  Do you want to add color underneath the art?  If color is a definite yes, then you'll need to decide on a great color to compliment the art you're going to apply.  This is a tricky question: what comes first, the appliqués to compliment the color, or the color to go with the nail art?  Decide the best way possible for yourself, and then follow the directions on the kit to apply the art to your nails.

Should you decide on something more permanent - say, with nail glue - be sure to read the directions on the package carefully before beginning.  Even adding another color on top of your already existing one, like in a creative pattern, needs to be carefully preserved.  For this situation, and for appliqués as well, a finisher needs to be applied to protect the art.  Just like a picture needs a frame, nail art needs to be correctly cared for.  If you're unsure where to purchase finishing products, try consulting with a nail artist first to get the correct products and tips on how to take care of your new nail art.  Much like a glaze that's applied to finished pottery, or a seal for freshly painted wood, your nails need protection.  A clear gloss that toughens as it dries it the ideal finishing touch.

Nail art can also benefit from a finishing touch like an extra coat of color, possibly a sheer color over the final applied art for a subdued look.  There are so many creative ways to touch up the final result from nail art, and it's all beneficial for your nails and your personality.  Change your art as often as you'd like to suit your needs and moods; it can always be reapplied later if you find one you especially like the most.  After all, the whole point of nail art is to express creativity.

Nail art is one of many ways to express creativity!  If you're looking to improve your nail art technique, or hoping to find more ways in which to express your creativity, consider attending on online art and design university. Taking online art and design courses can help you not only discover mediums through which to express your creativity, but also hone your skills and expand  your knowledge of art!


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