How To Adjust to Writing Online

How To Adjust To Writing Online
Professional writers submit their work to editors who either make suggestions for changes or critique the writer's work so it will reach the publication stage.  More recently, writers have adapted to the new style of writing for online publications like blogs, websites and online business article writing online.  Is there a difference between writing online and freelance offline writing?  Absolutely.  The instantaneous online publications mean the writer must be acutely aware of their punctuation, grammar and spelling in a way that was easier to edit before it was in its final version. Writers learn how to adjust to writing online by working within the criteria set forth by the style used on the internet.

National and International Adjustments
The worldwide web presents one very serious adjustment for professional writers.  That is, having to be aware of their writing viewers online. Not all are from the same cultural backgrounds and most have inherent colloquialisms that a writer needs to be keenly aware of when submitting their work.  As an example, a writer needs to know the differences in English usage. There is a big difference in the colloquialisms of UK, Australia and the USA.  Incorrect word usage can sometimes be interpreted in the wrong vernacular. That's just one example of national and international adjustments.  Very often, a writer is asked to write content for an online blog or business article for an international company. The suggested content may be interpreted erroneously by the writer.  As an example, in some countries of the world, the hood of a car, can be referred to as a "bonnet" while in the US, it's called a "hood".

Writing Online
Even with all of the built-in obstacles to learning how to adjust to writing online, it is still the best of the writing world.  The main reason for this is that writers must adapt to ever-changing search engine criteria with regard to search engine ranking.  Writers want to write about what matters and yet, need to sway online traffic to their sites.  The use of keywords aids in this particular venture.  Writers learn to adapt to the lightening speed of internet communication to and from the public.  Unlike offline writing, online writing can and most often does receive many responses from the reading audiences within hours of publication.

Writing For The Masses
Writing online means adapting to millions of users.  What pleases and entertains one user may be total anathema to another.  This is a case of trying to please all of the people, all of the time and missing the mark completely.  It's important to know your subjects thoroughly.  Seek out the most accurate information to support what you write.  Writing online may require offline research to verify the accuracy of the information written.


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