How To Antique Iron Candlesticks

Antique iron candlesticks are hard to find, and they are pricey because of their rarity. But it is easy to make your own antique iron candlesticks. You can do it in new candlesticks. Antiquing is an interesting skill to learn because they have a certain aesthetic that hook people into them. You just need practice to become a pro in making new things look old.

Materials Needed

2 oz. Americana Red Iron Oxide DA96
2 oz. Folk Art Licorice 938
2 oz. Folk Art Antique Gold 658
2 oz. Delta Pumpkin 2042
2 oz. Folk Art Copper 664
Sea sponge
¾ inch stencil brush
1 inch stencil brush
Paper towels
Paper Plates

Tips on how to antique iron candlesticks

  • Damp a sea sponge. The sponge must not be dripping so squeeze out the excess water.
  • Dip a sponge’s corner into an antique gold paint. To remove the excess paint, blot or splotch the paint using a paper towel. Dab the sponge into the different areas of the candlestick.
  • Dip a stencil brush’s bottom in Red Iron Oxide paint. Remove the excess paint. Brush the candlestick with your stencil brush in an up and down pattern.
  • Clean your brush then dry it. Execute step 2 using a Copper paint. Learn how to use the copper paint effectively for it can make things look rusty in a beautiful way.
  • Dip your sea sponge into a Pumpkin paint. Blot excess paint on paper towel. Carefully dab orange paint onto the different parts of the candlestick.
  • Wash the sea sponge and remove excess water. Dip the sea sponge’s corner in Licorice paint. Dab excess paint, and blot the paint on any surface that looks too black.

Remember to apply less paint in your first covering so you can add paint and textures if you aren’t satisfied. Because it’s hard to patch things up if your material gets messy. Practice making a black paper to look antique before you attempt using candlesticks. You can find all the materials needed in most craft stores.

Antique iron candlesticks are great collections and they serve as great gifts. You can make a collection of do-it-yourself antique furniture and display and amaze your friends. You can also make a business out of it, and people will certainly love it. Just be competitive with your price and your business will become successful. Make your own candlesticks to save you money. You only need wax and strings for candlewicks and they are cheap and easy to make.

Complement your antique iron candlesticks with antique candleholders. Antique brass candleholders are beautiful but it is pricey. But you can do your own antique looking candleholders. Paint and style metal containers to look antique to serve as your candleholders. You will feel satisfied if you yourself make your own crafts or gifts. There are also replicas of antique brass candleholders, but they will do fine.

If you are already skilled in making antique iron candlesticks and other antique looking materials, then you can do workshops and seminars for people so they can have a livelihood or hobby, and you are earning money at the same time.


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