How To Apply Blanket Binding

To avoid fraying, try blanket binding for your baby blankies, quilts, and comforters. It’s a really cute way of primping up your home beddings while maintaining its shape, preserving its quality and lengthening its life.

This is one home project you might want to try if you have time to spare. Start with a teensie weensie baby blanket so it won’t appear daunting. You can move on to bigger ones when you’re confident enough to tackle it.

First, you will need the following:

  • Scissor
  • Blanket
  • Fabric for binding
  • Pins and thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Vinyl (optional but recommended)

You can now proceed to apply binding to your blanket:

  1. Choose a fabric that will match the design of your blanket. If you have cartoon or flower prints for example, the fabric that you will use for binding your blanket should be in keeping with the design. There’s nothing more hideous than clashing prints.
  2. Measure the length and width of your blanket before going out to buy your fabric. Use these measurements to determine how much fabric you have to buy for this purpose. To make this easier for you, stores have made prefabricated binding in various widths and designs available for purchase.
  3. Cut a piece of your fabric for binding. The measurement will depend on the length and width of your blanket as you go along sewing it.
  4. Fold this piece of fabric in half. Then fold the top edge to form a diagonal shape or bias edge.
  5. Run an iron to the folded fabric. Heat seals the folds in and smooths out wrinkles from the fabric.
  6. Place the binding in between the blanket by opening up the folded portion then secure the binding to the blanket using as many pins as you prefer to make it taut for sewing.
  7. Leave about 9 inches of tail from the edge of your binding before you sew under a sewing machine. The tail will be used once you continue sewing for your blanket’s next corner. Sew down using straight stitch to the edge of your fabric and stop when your reach the end. Go back a couple of stitches for final stitching.
  8. Then pull the newly-sewn blanket out of your sewing machine.
  9. Now you’re done with your first corner. You can now proceed sewing the next corner:
  10. Fold the tail to form a diagonal shape. Use a pin and place it on the final stitching from the first corner – this will be your marker. Use the extra fabric from the tail and place it down on the next row to get it ready for sewing.
  11. Place the marked fabric under the sewing machine and begin to sew down until you reach the end of the second row of your blanket
  12. Repeat the same procedure for the last two corners and rows of your blanket.

Accessories and ruffles spruce up a blah blanket so try to incorporate as much creativity into this project as you hone your binding skill.


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