How To Appreciate Death Metal

Death metal is a brand of music sometimes dismissed as nothing more than noise. However this type of music just does not die. In fact, it is actually increasing in popularity. 

Death metal can be characterized by loud music that is accompanied by a lot of screaming and growling. Loud random slaps on a seemingly tuneless guitar is also heard in death metal music. This is why, if you are a fan of the classical music genre, you might turn up your nose at music like this. But should you?

If you are a true music lover, you should appreciate the fact that death metal pushes boundaries much like the classical music we listen to (and our children reluctantly hear).  There are many ways you can appreciate death metal and we have tried listing them down for you to rediscover the beauty of death metal and hopefully a new appreciation for this glorious musical genre.

  1. Learn more about death metal. Before you cast your judgment on death metal, find out more about this under-appreciated piece of musical genius. First of all, disregard the idea that musicians who specialize in death metal music are nothing more than psychos who are godless and totally lazy.  This couldn't be farther than the truth. Musicians and singers of the death metal genre are actually people with normal lives and families. In some cases, they may even have normal jobs and businesses.
  2. Listen beyond the noise. Though the loud guitar thumping and screaming can be overpowering, there are really good rhythms and melodies underneath the harsh singing.  Listen to older death metal bands like Pantera and Slayer to hear all musicality. There are complexities in the music that you never associated with death metal and if you listen hard enough, you will hear unique and powerful music.
  3. Know the lyrics. The songs of death metal are full of angst and unrepressed desire to convey anger. This makes for free and profound expression. It can sometimes be hard to decipher the lyrics through all the grunting and screaming.  Look up the lyrics on the web to find the true lyrics of each song--a good place to look for the lyrics is at and Be prepared for some foul language though. The foul language is not as rampant as you would think. Aside from bands like slipknot, most bands usually have PG 13 lyrics.
  4. Appreciate how hard it is to play and sing death metal. One way you can appreciate death metal more is through the sheer difficulty involved in singing and playing death metal. It would take almost a year for a bass player to be competent enough to audition for a gig.
  5. Watch a live death metal show. It is one thing to listen to them on the radio but death metal bands are a lot more outstanding live. They play energetically, with amazing skill on their instruments.

Death metal is far from a dying art, but it is hard for a death metalist to break into the mainstream.  And, it is never hard to appreciate a person pursuing their dreams despite hardships and trial. If you can't appreciate that, you can at least respect that.


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