How To Appreciate Science Fiction and Fantasy

Science fiction is a sub-genre of fiction. It may be a novel or a movie that has a scientific theme that is highly unlikely to happen. The elements or storyline of science fiction revolves around actions that defy laws of nature. Some of the themes of science fiction can include aliens, UFOs, outer space traveling, time traveling and lots more. Fantasy is a genre that deals with the use of supernatural beings and magic. Some of the themes of fantasy stories can include unicorns, elves, dwarves, dragons, fairies and more.

Both fantasy and science fiction belong to a group called the speculative fiction genre. Speculative fiction deals with places and themes that are unlike the real world. The themes that are usually used for speculative fiction are alternate history, utopia and also dystopia. It may be hard to absorb these kinds of stories and concepts as we do not experience these alternative worlds.

Here are some tips on how you can appreciate science fiction and fantasy stories:

  1. Open Mind - Buy or borrow some science fiction books, science magazines, fantasy novels or comics that have the genre science fiction and fantasy. Read the summary of the stories and see which of them interest you. Before reading or watching these speculative fiction movies and novels, you have to remember to keep an open mind. One of the things you can do to appreciate these genres is to let your imagination run. When you are reading or watching these, you have to remember that anything is possible.
  2. Classics - Read the classics of the genre first before reading or watching contemporary works. By doing this, you can see where present works come from and what inspired them to do such works in the present. You can start by reading "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley, "1984" by George Orwell or "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea."
  3. Ask for Suggestions - Asking suggestions from your friends who are already fans of the genres will help a lot. You might have the same interests and therefore enjoy what your friend likes. If you do not want to spend money yet on buying books and movies on science fiction and fantasy, you can borrow first from your friend to see if you enjoy them. You can also start reading short stories first to get a sample of how a novel will appear.
  4. Book Club - Join a science fiction or fantasy book club. You will be able to discuss the plots, characters and the storyline of each book you read or movie you watch. This will help you appreciate the ideas of others and see the stories in a different light.

These are some of the ways you can appreciate science fiction and fantasy novels, comics, short stories and movies. When you have already seen and read a lot from the genres, you will find that science fiction and fantasy are both very interesting and entertaining. You can then move on to other genres that you haven't had a chance to discover yet.


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