How To Arrange a Wedding Bouquet

Weddings even at the simplest always entail a lot of cash.  People are becoming more practical nowadays, and expensive weddings can put a smirk on their faces.  You will probably do the same after the excitement simmers down and you start to realize that you practically have nothing to start with as a newlywed couple.  However, you can cut costs on your wedding without being cheap.  If you know how to do and arrange things such as flowers, then you can certainly save money. The following are money-saving tips in arranging your own wedding bouquet.

  1. Try to imagine a design first.  You may take a look at bridal magazines to get an idea.  This is the first thing that you should do before determining what materials you are going to use.  The flowers that you choose should complement the motif of the wedding as well as the floral arrangement of the ceremony.  You may also put the bride’s favorite flowers.
  2. When you buy the flowers, include filler flowers and some greenery too.  The florist should be able to suggest some ideas on what fillers would complement with the main flowers of bouquet.  Therefore, you should be ready to make some adjustments in your designs. Along with the purchase, order also for a bouquet holder.  These are usually made of white plastic with floral foams inserted on it already.
  3. Once you have all the materials ready, you can start the arrangement.  First, soak the foam with water. To do this, you may have to wet the entire bouquet holder by dipping it in water.  Let the foam absorb water and, when done, wipe the exterior of the holder.  Starting from the bottom of the holder and going upwards, place the flowers and the greenery.
  4. In placing the flowers, decide first on how much of the stem should jut out of the foam.  Do this by holding each flower to the arrangement. After this, you can trim each stem.  Make sure that it is not too short since this may leave the flowers too close to the foam.  In cutting the stem, do this in a sharp angle. This is to make inserting the flower into the foam easier.  This will make water absorption for the stem easier too.
  5. The arrangement of the flowers and the greenery should be in a cascading manner.  Therefore, you can do some trimming as you go along to provide the bouquet with symmetry.  Get a satin or silk ribbon with a width of 2 inches and make it into a bow for the bouquet.  Place it at the bouquet holder’s handle. 

You can use your imagination in the design and arrangement of the flowers and the ribbons.  What is important is to highlight the flowers.  Therefore, you should not use a ribbon that is too wide.  While the greenery and filler flowers are important, you should make sure that these do not steal attention from the main flowers in the bouquet.  


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