How To Arrange Artwork Before Hanging It

Hanging artwork may seem to be a very simple job. Have you noticed the number of times you have to repeat the process because it just does not look right after hanging artwork?  This can surely tell you that it is not just a hammer and nail procedure. It takes some amount of creativity and science in doing this task. Arranging and hanging artwork is an integral part of interior decoration. You need to consider several things such as balance, design and color, proper placement, and symmetry. If you miss these, you will only be wasting time and effort, you will also be ruining your wall with nail holes out of the mistakes and transfers that you do.

Below are some tips that may help you in arranging artwork prior to hanging it.

  1. Here are tips when using a wire hanger. Hold the artwork against the wall. With a pencil, mark the frame’s top and middle and measure it to its wire stretches. If you are placing your art’s center relative to a furniture piece in the room, recheck your marks for the necessary adjustments. If you have a large artwork, you may need two sets of hooks to balance it. Measure from the center about 6 inches to 1 foot and mark it as the hooks’ locations. Make sure that when you put the nails, screws, or hooks, these are done in angles that makes the art hang with stability.
  2. If you are using saw tooth hooks, you may follow these instructions. Hold artwork against with its image facing it. Using a pencil, mark the wall at the upper and center edge of the frame. Put down the artwork and check the markings if it is level enough. Measure down around 2 to 4 inches for adjustments before placing the hooks. Hammer brass nail hooks at the locations you marked previously and hang.
  3. The instructions above are just meant to get the accurate measurements. You still have to make a plan about the arrangement if you have three or more works of art to place. The best thing to do is not to immediately drive nails and hooks in the wall. Try arranging the items on the floor first. If you are having a tightly spaced arrangement, these should be spaced about 2 inches from each other. However, if the spacing is just normal, then it should be 4 to 6 inches apart.

The biggest artwork is usually made the center of your arrangement. If you have smaller painting that you think deserves attention then you should not put it together with large artworks. The main rule in the arrangement is symmetry. Therefore, while you are still arranging your items on the floor or doing a sketch of the arrangement on your paper, you should be already ensure that there is balance in its arrangement. You can do justice to the beauty of the artwork by taking effort in its arrangement.


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