How To Assemble a Kitchen Gift Basket

There are several occasions that warrant creating a kitchen gift basket. If you’ve been invited to a housewarming party, a kitchen gift basket is a natural choice for a gift. If friends of yours have recently completed a kitchen remodel, it’s a nice gesture to celebrate their new kitchen with a gift basket. A kitchen gift basket also makes an appropriate gift for a dinner party hostess. Whatever the occasion, the steps below will guide you in assembling a kitchen gift basket that is sure to please your recipient.

Step 1: Set a budget. When giving gift baskets, it can be easy to spend too much money. It’s especially common to go over budget when you purchase a large gift basket and then realize you have to purchase many items in order to fill it up. Once you’ve determined your budget, plan to use up to half the budget on the gift basket itself.

Step 2: Think outside the basket. In other words, the gift “basket” that you intend to fill with goodies does not have to be a basket. Because this is a kitchen themed gift, you might want to consider purchasing a large serving bowl to serve as the basket. If your budget is large, you can purchase a handsome stainless steel trash receptacle and fill it to the brim with kitchen essentials.  If you insist on going the traditional route and you plan to purchase a basket, at the very least try to make it a unique one!

Step 3: Find a great cookbook. The cookbook does not have to take a large chunk of your budget. Your local bookstore probably has a sale section that will feature great cookbooks. While it need not be an expensive book, it should be a thoughtful one. Your vegetarian friend will not be amused with a “Best Barbeque” book simply because it came off the bargain rack. Think about the type of food your recipient enjoys and choose a cookbook accordingly.

Step 4: Stock up on some essentials. Visit a dollar store and purchase a spatula, whisk, ladle and as many other large utensils that will fit in your basket (and your budget). If your gift recipient’s kitchen is full of color then by all means, purchase these items in a complimentary hue. If you’re unsure of the colors in your recipient’s kitchen, play it safe with metal or black plastic utensils.

Step 5: Add a few tasty treats. What good is a kitchen gift basket without food? Again, consider what you know about your recipient’s likes, dislikes and lifestyle. A perpetual dieter will not appreciate a cake mix any more than a vegan would like a hunk of gourmet cheese.

Step 6: Extra money? Add extra items. If you still have not exhausted your budget up to this point, there are some other kitchen items that are useful to receive in a gift basket. A trivet makes a practical gift, as does a set of hand towels or an apron. You can roll up a set of placemats and tie a pretty bow around them before you place those in the basket. And of course, a fine bottle of wine goes well with any kitchen.  If you’re feeling very generous, include a gift card to a kitchen store such as Crate and Barrel, Williams-Sonoma or Sur La Table.

There’s no need to wrap your kitchen gift basket once it is complete. That’s a great perk to giving a basket filled with goodies; you want your recipient to see all of the items you’ve displayed in the basket. Just find a decorative ribbon, attach it to the basket and arrange to deliver the basket to your recipient when it’s convenient for you both!

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