How To Attach a Patch to a Uniform

Uniform with Russian flag patch

Uniforms have long been used as indicators of belonging to a particular group, or having a specific position. Most uniforms contain patches that can be sewn or otherwise attached onto the uniform. These patches usually symbolize certain attributes or characteristics that the wearer is supposed to have. For example, in the case of martial arts uniforms, the patches usually symbolize the type of martial arts that the wearer practices, and also the dojo to which the wearer belongs. For girl scouts or boy scouts, on the other hand, patches usually indicate the skills that the wearer has successfully honed and displayed which are required of a girl or a boy scout, such as camping, knot-tying, and wilderness know-how. For the military, patches are commonly used as an indicator of position within the military structure, since hierarchy is such an important part of the military lifestyle.

Whether you are a martial arts student, a boy scout or a girl scout, a military personnel or an office worker with a uniform, it is important that you install your patches properly and effectively, since you do not want the hassle of having to look for and install a new patch once you have lost your improperly attached one. There are a number of different options available to you in terms of patch installation, and you can certainly choose from any of these options when you attach your uniform patch.

Here are some of the most common methods of attaching a patch onto your uniform, and the steps on how to do each:

Velcro. If the patches that you are using are an indicator of position, and therefore you will most probably have to change the patches on your uniform several times, a good option is to use Velcro to attach the patch to your uniform.

  1. Measure the Velcro. Using your patch as a guide, snip off an appropriate length of Velcro from the strip or roll. Separate the sides.
  2. Attach the first Velcro side. Attach the hooks side of the Velcro onto your uniform; this can be done by sewing the Velcro onto your uniform.
  3. Attach the second Velcro side. Next, attach the second side of the Velcro strip onto your patch, by sewing around the perimeter of, and not across, the patch.
  4. Attach the patch. Once the Velcro is in place, it is a simple matter of pressing the patch onto the Velcro strip on your uniform to keep it in place.

Sewing. One of the tried-and-tested methods is to sew the patch onto your uniform.

  1. Mark your uniform. Using a cloth chalk, mark the place on your uniform where you will be attaching the patch.
  2. Thread the needle. Taking the color of your patch into consideration, insert the thread into the eye of your needle. Knot the end.
  3. Position the patch. Position the patch over the chalk mark that you have made on your uniform. Sew around the perimeter of the patch, not across it. Knot the thread, and snip it off.

Iron-on fusing tape. A fuss-free method of attaching your patch is to use iron-on fusing tape.

  1. Pre-heat your iron. Use the instructions printed on the package of the fusing tape.
  2. Attach the patch. Putting the fusing tape between the patch and the uniform, place a damp press cloth on top of the patch and iron over it several times.

Whatever method you try, make sure to follow the instructions properly to ensure the life span of your uniform patch.


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