How To Attend a Local Gun Show

For gun enthusiasts, a gun show is one of the most awaited events that they want to participate in. If you are into guns, you can attend a local gun show so that you can purchase firearms, learn about new guns and buy accessories for your guns. You can get a lot from attending these gun shows. Another thing to look forward to is that you will get to know other gun enthusiasts in your area and you may even form a club so that you can learn from each other and go to shooting ranges together.

Here are some tips on how to attend a local gun show:

  1. Look for a gun show. First, go to the website On this website, you can view a schedule of the gun shows that are going to be held around the USA. You can view when it will be held, where it will be held and other important details regarding the shows. These shows typically have an entrance fee that you have to pay but you will surely think that it is worth it.
  2. Know state rules for displaying guns. There are certain rules that you have to follow when you participate in a gun show. The rules may be different for every state so you have to make sure to be updated on these rules. You may contact the organizer of the gun show to know about the different rules that you should follow.
  3. During the gun show. If there is a fee for the gun show, you have to pay it before entering the venue. If you are a dealer of guns, you should check the fees for your participation beforehand so that you can set a table with all your goods right away. In most gun shows, the dealers may go to the event earlier so that they can set up their tables for the other gun enthusiasts. If you are not a dealer and you just want to check out the different guns, it is also advisable to go in on time so that you can get to view all the tables from different gun dealers. You will have a better chance of purchasing selected items when you go in early. Make sure that you visit all the tables first before you make a decision in buying guns or accessories.
  4. Follow gun show rules. For gun shows, there is a fixed rule that is set in the US Code of Laws. You can view these guidelines on the website Locate Title 18 Section 922 on this website and you will see the rules regarding gun shows. Some of the rules include no bringing of cameras inside the venue and all the guns must be unloaded at all times. The guns should also be placed in a sealed container to avoid any accidents from happening.

These are some of the tips that you can do in order for you to attend a gun show. Above all these, you must remember to have fun and learn more about guns from the other people who are attending the gun show.


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