How To Attend an Indie Rock Concert

If you've been invited to an Indie rock concert but you've got no clue what you're in for, you're not alone. Follow these tips on how to attend an Indie rock concert so that you won't stand out in the crowd.

Step 1

Learn about the band before you go. You're probably going to an Indie rock concert because a friend has convinced you that this ‘great band' that you've never heard of will be there. If you want to enjoy yourself at the Indie rock concert, you need to do some research and find out about the band so that you can fully appreciate their music. Visit the band's website, online fan clubs, and social networking groups like MySpace or Facebook where people gather to discuss the band. Listen in on conversations about the artists and find out why they're so popular. It will give you a better understanding of how you need to react when the band first hits the stage.

Step 2

Consider buying the CD before you go too. As well as doing ample research, you should also do your share of listening to the band's music. After all, you want to sing along like every other fan in the crowd, right? If you can't find the Indie rock CD at your local music store, search online. Then dedicate your driving time and free time to listening to and memorizing the band's songs. Decide which one is your favorite so that you can tell all of your friends when the band begins to play it at the Indie rock concert. They'll be really impressed!

Step 3

Dress appropriately. You can't dress like a preppy guy at an Indie rock concert and expect not to stand out. Leave your khakis and collars at home and opt for skinny-legged jeans and a brightly colored v-neck shirt. This type of wardrobe is a must at an Indie rock concert. (If you can get your hands on a t-shirt of the Indie rock band, that would be acceptable attire too.) Your hairstyle also needs to be taken into consideration. If you can, go for an exaggerated sweep to one side, with long hair covering at least one of your eyes. As well, your shoes need to be simple yet stylish. Chuck Taylors are perfect, but anything with a flat sole will do. Surprisingly, accessories are trendy for both guys and gals at Indie rock concerts too. So break out your scarf, a chunky bracelet and lots of earrings. Show your tattoo if you've got one! The more you fit this mold, the more of a hit your wardrobe will be at an Indie rock concert.

Step 4

Keep track of your belongings. The type of crowd at an Indie rock concerts often results in many lost and stolen articles afterwards. Don't fall victim to this trend by bringing in as few belongings as you can. Don't carry a large purse or backpack. If you must carry a wallet or cell phone, keep it on your body and check for it often.

Step 5

Show the right amount of enthusiasm. An Indie rock concert will inevitably have a few mosh pits where the die-hards will gather. If that's up your alley, then feel free to jump in. Otherwise, stand to the side of the stage and remain mellow yet interested in the concert. Sing and dance subtly, and clap after each song. If a slow song is played at an Indie rock concert, you'll want to have a lighter or a lit cell phone on hand so that you can bring it out with the rest of the crowd during this time.

Step 6

Take interest in the band afterwards. At the end of an Indie rock concert, the band usually hangs around to talk to fans. You can usually find them outside of the venue. Take advantage of this star sighting to learn more about the band, get an autograph and make new friends. If you're really lucky, you may be invited to a bar with the band after the show. A night spent attending an Indie rock concert and then chilling with the band afterwards definitely proves that you know what it takes to be an Indie rock fan.


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