How To Attend the Jalapeno Eating Contest in Texas

Every year, thousands of people from Texas go to the much awaited state fair. This state fair runs for weeks and it features a lot of entertainment shows and contests people can participate in. Some of the events include auto shows, exhibitions, contests and many more. One of the most awaited events during the Texas state fair is the jalapeno eating contest. For this, the contestants are given a certain amount of time to eat as many jalapenos as they can! If you want to witness this one of a kind contest, all you have to do is to head down to Texas during the state fair!

Here are the steps on how you can attend the jalapeno eating contest in Texas:

  1. Know the schedule of the state fair. If you are not from Texas and it is your first time to attend the Texas state fair, you can go to the website This is the official website of the Texas state fair. On the website, you will see the state fair daily schedule and a map & visitor guide that you can use when you go to the fair. You can also purchase your tickets for the event online on the website. Aside from these, you can browse the other pages to see the contests that are going to be held, the exhibitions and main highlights of the fair. Consult the calendar of events to see when the jalapeno eating contest will be held.
  2. Preparation. If you already have your tickets and you already know the days when you will be attending the Texas state fair, a wise thing to do is to reserve your lodging, especially if you are not from Texas. This is a good thing to do because surely, the hotels and inns around the area will be fully booked weeks before the event takes place.
  3. During the state fair. You must go early on the day of the state fair. There are thousands of people who are going to attend the event so it will be easier for you if you arrive earlier so that you will not be stuck in between crowds of people. Another thing is that you can get the best view for the jalapeno eating contest if you arrive earlier than anyone else. If you are bringing a car, be sure to leave extra early as finding a parking space will not be easy.
  4. Get a good view. During the contest, get a good view of all the contestants so that you can see everyone when the contest begins. One thing to keep in mind is to get a good view but not too close to the contestants. A lot of contestants in this contest are not used to eating jalapenos and a lot of them vomit. It is good to stay a few meters away from the contestants.

These are the tips on how you can attend the jalapeno eating contest in the Texas state fair. Invite your friends and family to go with you to the state fair so that you can have a wonderful experience!


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