How To Attract Butterflies to a Butterfly House

A butterfly house is an enclosed area where butterflies are kept. They use these houses in order to protect butterflies from the harsh weather or if they want to keep them away from animals that may harm them. Butterfly houses are also used in breeding different kinds of butterflies. Butterfly houses can come as huge wired areas or they can be as little as a bird house.

Some of the things that are found in butterfly houses are flowers and plants, trees, barks and smaller butterfly houses that are typically made of wood. You can also add other elements to help attract more butterflies.

Here are some tips that you can use for you to attract butterflies inside a butterfly house:

  • Decorate the house with bright colors. It is said that butterflies are attracted to bright colors, such as yellow, red and pink. You can use non-toxic paint and decorate the butterfly house with flowers and other drawings to attract butterflies inside the house. You can also paint the walls inside the butterfly house so that the butterflies can look at the bright colors inside.
  • Plant flowers to attract butterflies. Another thing that you can do is to plant some flowers and plants inside the butterfly house. There are many flowers that are able to attract butterflies. Some of the flowers that you can plant are aster, strawberry, clover, dandelion, blueberry, honeydew, thistle and many more. These are the flowers and plants that can provide nectar for the butterflies to feed on. Remember to avoid using pesticides on the plant as this will harm the butterflies.
  • Place the butterfly house in direct sunlight. Make sure to hang the butterfly house where there is direct sunlight. Butterflies love the sun and you can attract more butterflies if you put the house on an area where the sun hits all morning and afternoon.
  • Provide sugar water. Use a shallow dish and put sugar water on the dish to attract butterflies. To make sugar water, all you have to do is mix ¼ cup sugar to 1 cup water. Dissolve the sugar completely in the water by boiling it. Afterwards, let the water settle and cool for a while before putting some on the shallow dish. You can put the remaining sugar water in the refrigerator to use it for another day. Make sure to check the dish daily and replace the water to avoid mold from forming.
  • Provide water. Aside from the sugar water, you also have to provide plain water for the butterflies. Put it on a shallow dish and replace the water daily.

These are some of the things that you can do for you to attract butterflies inside a butterfly house. If you want, you can build a butterfly house completely from scratch or you can purchase one from the store. Remember to let your butterflies fly freely once in a while so that they can explore in the garden and look for a mate.


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