How To Audition for a Broadway Show for Singers

Many people have dreamed of Broadway since childhood. If you are one of those who aspire to be Broadway stars, then you should know how to nail an audition. You will need skills, passion, and a lot of determination. Nailing a Broadway audition won’t be easy, but it can be done. The people on Broadway are always looking for new, talented singers to cast in their shows.

Here are a few tips on how to audition for a Broadway show for singers:

  1. Your best asset is your voice. Take care of it and it will take care of you. Make sure that you drink plenty of warm water (never cold!) to keep your throat and mouth from getting dry. Also, avoid chocolate, ice cream, and other sweets. They are bad for your voice, and often cause hoarseness. Other things you should avoid are cigarettes, alcohol, and coffee. Load up on the things that are good for you. Honey is always good to soothe the throat. Lemon is also great for this purpose. Before singing, always warm up so your voice can get used to the strain of singing. These simple steps will make your voice sound better.
  2. Work with your pianist, but always be flexible. If you have a pianist, then good for you! You can get to coordinate and practice with him or her whenever you need it. However, at auditions, you can’t always bring your pianist with you. Sometimes, at the auditions, they have a specific pianist who does all of the backup music. You will have to learn how to be very flexible during these auditions. Another thing to remember is never to bring a karaoke tape as your back up music. It doesn’t sound good, so what’s the point?
  3. Work on your presence. Presence is very important, especially when you’re performing in front of a live audience (in Broadway no less). Work on your posture. Not only will it help your singing, it will also make you seem taller and more confident. Straighten up your back, pull back your shoulders, and hold your head high. Don’t be too stiff, or you’ll make a bad impression. Also, be wary of appearing over confident. A silent confidence will help you make an impression. Wow them with your talents and you won’t need to say much more. Remember, producers and casting directors don’t want to hire divas before they’re famous.
  4. Keep in mind the importance of other talents. Aside from learning how to act and sing, you will also be very beneficial if you develop other talents. Dancing is a big part of Broadway, and it is something you should learn. You may have mastered singing, but singing AND dancing is a completely different thing. Sometimes, you’ll even have to do them simultaneously! If you develop your dancing skills early on, you won’t have any problem with an audition. Also, develop your speech. There should be no distinguishable accent during an audition, unless if the occasion calls for it. Learning different types of accents will greatly benefit your Broadway career.

Auditioning for Broadway is not an easy task. However, if you have the determination and talents to do succeed, you will get your lucky break soon. Keep on trying and hold your head high. Follow these tips and you’ll nail your Broadway audition perfectly!


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