How To Audition for Broadway

Broadway is fun and entertaining. With its theatrical performances, it lures people to get inside and get entertained with its shows performed by theatrical actors. Performing on Broadway is one of the most challenging roles for an actor to do. Even just getting a part to play in a Broadway theater can be a challenge.

Here are some steps on how to audition for Broadway:

  1. Look for ads about auditions for Broadway performances. Search for ads and information about where to audition for a Broadway play. One of the best places to search for this is in the Broadway Theater itself. They usually put out posters informing aspiring actors and actresses to audition for their upcoming Broadway performance. 
  2. Audition in as many Broadways plays as you can. This will help you build confidence and experience on what it takes to be accepted in Broadway plays.
  3. Bring your profile or your press kit. Always make sure to bring your profile when auditioning to Broadways. Usually directors and producers are looking for actors that have a more natural look so make sure that all your photos are recently taken. And make sure you look exactly the same with your profile photos.
  4. Practice your lines. Make sure to master your parts for the Broadway. Rehearse it religiously so that when the audition time comes you can nail the part and make a big impression on the directors and the producers. Going to an audition unprepared is like throwing away your chances in getting the part. Make sure to be prepared before you go to any Broadway auditions. Directors and producers can easily sight actors that are unprepared even with their first lines.
  5. Be polite with all the people in the auditions. Always remember to be polite when entering a Broadway auditions. Greet the judges, producers, directors as you enter the theater for auditions. Avoid asking for too many instructions; this might make you look unprofessional. Also don’t complain when the producers or directors ask you to do something else, try to do it anyway. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. If you do make one, keep going or you can even make an impromptu scene as long as it is still relevant. And make sure you are not late in the auditions.
  6. Relax and be confident in your scenes. Keeping the flow of your scenes is essential when auditioning. Avoid being nervous or terrified because this will surely ruin your performance in auditioning. Be confident. Even if you feel nervous keep it to yourself or fake it. Just show the judges that you are confident. This will prepare you to be psyched with your scenes. Even if the directors ask you to perform something different, don’t be terrified. Even if you are not perfect for the part do it anyway. Just go with the flow. Usually this happens when the judges or directors want to see how well you can handle various scenes.

These steps will help aspiring actors like you know what to do in auditioning for Broadway. It will help you in preparing for an audition for a Broadway play. You will also enjoy it and be confident when you are facing auditions for Broadway.


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