How To Authenticate a Babe Ruth Autograph

Sports legend Babe Ruth is a very famous personality. He is an American baseball player holding a title for his many outstanding home runs. Because of this, his signature on things big or small is now worth a lot of money. However, the hard part in all these is trying to find out if his signature is genuine or not. If you follow a few uncomplicated steps, you will be able to make sure that the Babe Ruth autograph that you possess is authentic.

  • Research online. Search for an illustration of Babe Ruth's autograph. Compare the signature on your item versus the signature that you found on the internet. If the two signatures are entirely dissimilar from each other, chances are your signature item is not authentic. However, if you observe that both signatures seem to be so much alike, then there is a possibility that you have a genuine Babe Ruth autograph on your ownership. You can now go on further with your research.
  • There is a service called the James Spence Authentication ( Hit the Events and Appearances portion in the home page. See if there is a schedule in your area. Experts on signature authentication will be coming in these events.
  • Establish the cost that will be deducted from you when you authenticate the Babe Ruth item in your possession. Hit the Fees button on the JSA website and put Babe Ruth in the Search box. You will then be given an amount of how much is the charge to authenticate Babe Ruth's signature.
  • Click Home in the JSA website and submit your items. You will be given a form to be filled up. Put all the necessary information in this form including your billing address.
  • You are now ready to submit your items. Follow the instructions on the website. It is highly recommended that you wrap your autographed item in newspapers or bubble wrap for shield and security. Check that you have fully accomplished the form and have paid the necessary fees before shipping your item.
  • You can check on the website if your particular item is being accepted as there are times when authenticating an item is put on hold.
  • Once you've confirmed that JSA is willing to accept your piece of object, you may now ship your item. JSA's address can be located on form that you filled up. It will take less than a month for your item to be returned to you counting from the point in time JSA got your item. A letter of Authenticity will accompany your item should it turn out to be authentic.

You now have all the information you need to find out if the Babe Ruth autographed item in your possession is the real thing. Just follow the simple steps above and you will find out in no time if you can cash in on your item big time.


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