How To Authenticate Sports Memorabilia

Sports fanatics can attest to the importance of authentic sports memorabilia. These memorabilia can be bought for a high price, because they have high value. They are unique and very hard to get a hold of. However, when buying sports memorabilia, it is sometimes hard to tell if your item is authentic or not. Many people go through great lengths to fake sports memorabilia in order to make a lot of money. This is why it is important for any sports fan to know the difference between genuine sports memorabilia and fake ones that have no value.

Here are some tips on how to authenticate your sports memorabilia:

  1. Always remember to do your research. When you’re looking to buy sports memorabilia, it is sometimes easy to get carried away at the awe of finding a unique item. But remember, before committing to buy any item, you should first do a thorough background check on it. Look first if the timeline of the sports memorabilia you are interested in is historically correct. Ask a lot of questions from the buyer to get a lot of information, then compare his/her answer to your research. If you are a true blue sports fan, then you will have all the resources available to you. If the sports memorabilia has a signature of a player, then check if its consistency. You can see a lot of these signatures in the team’s official website, or other sports memorabilia collector websites. It is also good to consult if the sports memorabilia you are planning to purchase is actually legitimate.
  2. If you are still unsure about the authenticity of your sports memorabilia, go to the professionals. There are a few legitimate businesses that are dedicated to finding and assessing authentic sports memorabilia. They usually issue out a certificate of authenticity if the item is indeed something of value.
  3. Choose your seller very wisely. Your seller should be very trustworthy. If you’re trying a new sports memorabilia seller, then do a background check first. Check if there are any complaints about the authenticity of the seller’s sports memorabilia. You should also check if the seller is even interested in sports. The logic is simple: if the seller does not know anything about sports, why does he/she have valuable sports memorabilia? Also, if you’re considering an online seller, you should take the necessary precautions to ensure that the seller is not a scammer. Try to communicate with the online seller first. Ask a lot of questions about the item you are interested in, and the other items the seller has to offer. If you want to have tangible proof that the item you are interested to buy is really authentic, you can simply ask the seller for a certificate of authenticity. If the seller cannot show any certificate to you, or is not willing to get one, chances are the items he/she is selling are not of real value.

The next time you’re looking to buy sports memorabilia, take the time to authenticate them first. Follow these simple tips and you will never get fooled by fake sports memorabilia again.


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