How To Be a Good Knifer: Call of Duty 4

The knife is a great weapon to use when you don’t want the enemy to discover your position. Other weapons like machine guns and hand guns will just create too much noise and weapon fire will show up on the map. You can maximize the use of the knife to take out enemies in Call of Duty 4, but you have to master the skill to become a good knifer.

Pick your battles wisely.
If you are just beginning to learn the art of knifing then you need a lot of practice using the knife in different situations. Try to pick servers that aren’t too busy so it won’t be too difficult for you to pick off enemies. If you pick a server with a lot of action going on then you might end up getting killed even before you can get any practice done. There will be servers that have rules that are exclusively for knife weapons only. Although you may not be a knife expert yet, you could use this opportunity to see others at work. Well, that’s if you can catch them in action and that you’re not their victim.

Create a Class.

In the “Create A Class” section you can configure the additional perks that can help you survive in the battle zone. Add “Dead Silence” to your Perks & Inventory section which will give you the ability to make less sound when you are moving, or picking up ammo. Add “UAV Jammer” to make you undetectable on your enemy’s radar. Add “Bomb Squad” to give you the ability to detect enemy explosives lying around like claymore. 

Configure your knife weapon to be accessed through the buttons on your mouse. By doing this you can easily access your knife when you need it.

Use your environment.
Get familiar with the environment you are in so you can avoid hotspots and use the landscape and objects as hiding places. Immediately find a good hiding spot, crouch into it and then you can wait or observe for enemy movement. There are lots of possible hiding places like dark alleys, bushes, trees and other objects that you can stand or crouch behind.    

Create a strategy.
To be a good knifer will also depend on your strategy. Locate a suitable hiding place right away before anyone sees you. If the enemy spots you, run away as fast as you can, but do not run in a straight line to avoid getting shot. If you find a corner, turn into it immediately, then you can either keep running or crouch down near the corner you turned into and wait for the enemy to follow you into it and then you can knife him right away.

Invisibility is your objective if you want to kill as many enemies with the knife as your main weapon.


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