How To Be a Master at Counterstrike

Counterstrike is one of the best first person shooter video games and has been copied by other game makers throughout the years. The video game may be a couple of years old, but it is still popular and is still being played by gamers around the world. If you are just starting out and you want to be a master at Counterstrike, follow the suggestions below to enhance your skills.

Upgrade your PC for gaming.
Before you dive into gaming you have to upgrade your PC so it can perform better for video games like Counterstrike. Make sure you have a good video card that can keep up with the video game’s requirements or you won’t be able to enjoy the game’s graphics if it stutters. Check how much RAM (Random Access Memory) you need on your PC to be able to run Counterstrike. If your RAM is less than the minimum required amount for the video game then you need to upgrade it.

Purchase a mouse designed specifically for gaming. The ordinary mouse you have connected to your computer that has two buttons and a scroll wheel in between may not be enough to help you keep up with the action. There are gaming mice that have more buttons that you can configure so you can easily access weapons or perform specific actions with. This will also respond faster than the ordinary mouse you normally use. A gaming keyboard is also something you have to consider because your ordinary keyboard won’t have extra keys that you can configure for Counterstrike. The gaming keyboard was built for faster response and would have a better gripping platform for your hands and fingers. The extra keys will give you more options for in-game configurations.

Know your weapons.
You will have choices of secondary weapons such as the knife and hand pistols. The knife can be useful if you can get close enough to your opponent. Try to aim for the head to kill him faster. There are a few hand pistols you can select from but the one that is commonly chosen by gamers is the Desert Eagle because it causes more damage than the other options. Your primary weapons can range from a shotgun, machine gun, and rifle. If you are new to the game you can try the different primary weapons for different situations. Some choices may only be good for short distances and others may be too powerful which makes it harder to aim after the first shot.

Create a Strategy
To be a master at Counterstrike means that you should have the skill to survive different battle situations. If you choose to be a sniper then you have to know the map and the best hiding places. But you have to keep moving or else they will eventually find you. If you are an assault unit then equip yourself with a machine gun with the fastest rate of fire and try to aim for the head since your enemy will be wearing body armor. Aiming for the head will kill your enemy faster. Use flashbang grenades to blind and stun enemies so you can kill them while they are distracted. Keep moving and try to stay out of sight.

Practice with Bots
Before you attempt to play online with dozens of skilled gamers try a couple of practice rounds offline with bots. This will also help you familiarize yourself with the different types of maps.

Playing offline will allow you to try out different strategies with bots. They can also be as unpredictable as human opponents.


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