How To Be a Raiding Instance Warrior: World of Warcraft

In World of Warcraft, a raiding instance is a challenge that takes team work and proper management skills. You need a warrior to distract the monsters and mobs while the healers help team members revive their health during battle and the other classes deal damage to attackers and accomplish the main objective of killing the boss.

The Warrior Class
You need to build up the Warrior to enable it to become a formidable tank in a raid or instance. The tank’s role in a raid is to draw as much attention to it as possible from the monsters or mob. The other members or classes of your team will make sure you survive and deal damage to the attacking monsters. The Warrior will be equipped to deal with attacks and to maintain the attention of the monsters. They will be your first line of offense or defense however you look at it, because they are mainly doing both.

The Defensive Warrior
As your line of defense, the warrior will take on attacks from the monsters and shield the other member classes in your team. They have the ability to deal with enemies in close quarter combat and have different stances to manage various situations. Their defensive capability is what puts them in the front line to absorb attacks.

The Offensive Warrior

The Warrior has great abilities to survive in a melee. They are highly skilled with tactics and weapons. They have several options they can use while fighting off monsters and mobs. Aside from their defensive capabilities the warrior can also do some serious damage and maintain the attention of attackers.

Warrior Gear
A Warrior needs his gear to be an effective tank in a raiding instance. While you build up your warrior you have to pay attention to type of gear he acquires as his level goes up. Getting the best armor plating for your Warrior is one of your main objectives. Keep updating your Warrior’s armor by doing raids or instances.

Warrior Weapons
As your Warrior raises his level in the game he will be able to use different ways of dealing damage to your opponents. There are weapons that the warrior will have to use both hands to control like a heavy sword and there are lighter weapons that you can use in one hand and a shield in another.  The heavier weapons will deal more damage to enemies and kill them faster but they can also slow you down. You won’t have the benefit of shielding yourself from an attack and the armor you have on may not last for too long. A lighter sword may deal lesser damage but you will have the advantage of using a shield in your other hand to defend yourself from attacks. You will take on less damage with this weapon set up.

As a tank in a raid, your Warrior will have its advantages and disadvantages but by holding down your role you will help other team members to be effective in their part of the raid.


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