How To Be a Successful Enchanter in World of Warcraft

Deciding to become an Enchanter in World of Warcraft will be difficult yet profitable. Some gamers pick this profession as their alternate character so it can help boost their primary character. To become a successful Enchanter you will need to learn a lot of enchanting skills. These steps below are some of the ways that can help you attain your objective.

Enchanting Levels
There are different enchanting levels a beginner must go through to ultimately reach the highest level as an enchanter. You start out as an Apprentice as the lowest level and then you move on to Journeyman, Expert, Artisan, Master and then finally become a Grand Master. At each level you gain experiences to boost your skills and move you up to a higher level.

Beginning Enchanting Training
When you are ready to begin training you can go to one of the major cities and look for a trainer. There are major cities and trainers for each type of faction whether you pick one from the horde or alliance. There will also be a neutral trainer available.

There will specific trainers for each level and as you move up in level you will have to seek out the appropriate trainer for your level. Once you start your training and learn a skill you will have two buttons available in your book of spells. One button will be used for disenchanting items that are purple, blue and green in color. The second button will be used on existing items to boost their stats.

Training can also be costly so to train the smart way is to spend on materials wisely. Purchase items that you only need and when you have a couple of the same items you can go to the Auction House and sell them there. One of the vital materials you will need is copper rods which can be made by Blacksmiths. They can be very costly to make each time you go to the Blacksmith to have one made. A good way to save on the cost of having them made is to either have the rods made all at one time or you can try to befriend the Blacksmith so he can give you a good price.
Disenchanting items
Disenchanting is a process done on magical items which will create materials necessary for various skills. This process will also help increase enchanting skills. Disenchanting is a skill that is exclusive to Enchanters which enables them to turn items like armor or weapons into more valuable items or rare ones that are hard to locate.

Profiting from enchanting
As an enchanter you can also gain profit from your skills. You can create essential items that other players need. Check out the existing prices for the items you can create so you would have an idea how much you can sell these items to other players.

Learning skills and gaining experience will enable you to move on to higher levels and become a successful enchanter.


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