How To Be a Successful Hunter in World of Warcraft

A hunter in World of Warcraft has many talents and abilities that can be beneficial to a raiding party. Hunters can use nature and wild beasts in a combat mission to bring down opponents. Explore some of these steps below to help you become a successful hunter in World of Warcraft.

Pick a race.
Beginning your character as a hunter you have the option of choosing which race to develop your hunter from. There are seven races to choose from and each will have their own unique advantages. The character you start off with will already have innate abilities so choose wisely. Having these abilities early on will give you something to work with as you work up your experience as a hunter and increase your level.

Take your time before moving on.
Once you start out, your hunter character will go on different missions that he needs to accomplish. Each time the hunter goes out on a mission he will have the opportunity to gain experience points. Make sure to accomplish all tasks at each level before moving on to the next level. Do all you can in each mission and level so you can complete your training and earn bonuses when you move on to another level.

Armor and Weapons

As you start out, your hunter will only have the basic gear available on him. Materials like cloth and leather will be the only protection you have on your hunter’s body, but as he advances he will gain mail and later a body armor set. There are a variety of weapons that a hunter will learn to use such as his fists, a crossbow, guns, swords, two handed swords and axes to name a few. Each level will help the hunter become highly skilled with various types of weapons. Some hunter gear combinations when worn together will enable the hunter to earn some bonus points.

Get a pet.
A hunter needs a pet to stay by his side and aid him in battles. When the hunter reaches the tenth level then he may get a pet. It is the hunter’s responsibility to take good care of his pet by keeping them healthy and well trained. When you get your pet make sure to tame him and train it to do certain skills. As you go into combats and various missions, your pet’s skill level will also improve, so pay attention to his skill points as well as yours.

Hunter’s talents
At the tenth level, your hunter can use his talent points to upgrade his abilities and even gain new ones. You can choose from three types such as Marksmanship, Survival and Beast Mastery. Each one will give you different abilities so you may choose to improve on one more than the other two.

Your hunter will only be as effective as the training you give him so plan and develop his skills to build a successful hunter.


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