How To Be a Successful Shaman in World of Warcraft

Shamans are available in both races in World of Warcraft. They are spiritual leaders that can also do a lot of damage in combat. They may not be in the same class as warriors when it comes to battles but the support they lend to their allies are invaluable. They can heal, cast spells, and are masters of the elements. Below are some tips you can follow to become a successful Shaman in World of Warcraft.

  1. The Totem. The ability of Shamans to control the elements will be an advantage for the group in a battle or raid. The Shaman has to earn the totem to be able to use them. There are four totems which are the Earth, Air, Water and fire. The first totem that will become available to the Shaman is the Earth totem and the rest can be acquired when the Shaman’s level progresses. The Shaman will eventually have all four totems in his inventory. The totem will not move along with the Shaman, so you once it is placed in an area the Shaman and members of the group should not stray too far from it to benefit from the totem’s power. The totem will enable the Shaman to cast spells on enemies but remember that enemy forces will have their own Shamans as well. Take care of the totem and have someone guard it because it is vulnerable to attacks and can be damaged. Locate enemy Shamans and see where they place their totem. If you see one planted, go to it and destroy it. Totems are non-transferable and will remain with you once you get one because they are soulbound.
  2. The Shaman’s Versatility. The Shaman’s versatility makes him an important member of a raiding group. Aside from casting spells they can also wear armor, although medium types of protection and they can also use various types of weapons. You can use the Shaman as support for each type of class. For example in a raid you can position the Shaman as secondary tank in case the first is overwhelmed by the enemy. He can be a healer and restore the group’s health during combat.
  3. Mana Management. The Shaman has to manage his mana properly or else he will be ineffective when he is needed most. In combat situations choose which units will need to be restored the most and how much is needed. Cast Spells wisely and wait for just the right moment to use them. Proper tactics in a battle will enable the Shaman to maximize his abilities.

With all the functions and roles the Shaman is able to take on; he might not master just one function. He has to learn to become effective in all situations to become a successful Shaman.


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