How To Be a Successful Skinner in World of Warcraft

One of the most profitable professions you can get into in World of Warcraft is being a Skinner. A skinner provides material for leather products which can be crafted by leatherworkers, blacksmiths and engineers. You can earn a lot of by supplying these raw materials or use it to help advance your second character or profession. The tips below will give you an idea how to be a successful skinner in World of Warcraft.

  1. Begin training. Go to a city a look for a trainer who can train you in the art of skinning. If you have a difficult time looking for one or don’t want to spend too much time searching you can ask the guard to give you the location of the trainer. Once you find a trainer you can begin to learn how to skin. You will progress through different levels as a skinner depending on your experience. Some players want to master the skill right away and try to take on animals that they are not ready for. Take your time and do your best to learn in each level. When starting out at a low level you have to choose skinning areas that are compatible to your skill level. While in the skinning area, try to skin as many animals as you can before you leave.
  2. Skinning tools. Every skinner needs the proper tools to accomplish his tasks and a skinner’s tool would be the skinning knife. You can purchase a skinning knife from a merchant trader and keep it with you at all times so it will be there when you need it. As your experience level goes up you will be able to get a new skinning knife. For higher levels of animals or bosses, a good weapon with enchantment or skinning skill will help you skin them because the entry level knife may not be able to handle the task. The ultimate tool for a skinner is the Zulian Slicer which can handle any type of skinning task.
  3. Skinning. When you come across animals, beasts or monsters try to bring it down and kill it. Not all monsters can be skinned so to see if it is possible, you should place your cursor on top of the dead monster’s body and a pop up will tell you if it is “Skinnable”. A corresponding color will also tell you the level of difficulty for skinning. When you kill animals you cannot skin them right away, you have to loot them first then skin them. If you are in a group you may have to wait for your turn to loot and if you come across a corpse and there are other players around wait until they loot it first, and in some cases you have to wait and see if they will also skin the animal.

Take your time learning and developing your skinning skill on lower level animals before even attempting to take on higher level animals.


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