How To Be an Excellent Dancer

Performing can give you a kind of high that is fulfilling emotionally and physically. If your passion is dancing and you want to pursue it as a career, then the very first thing you should know is the kind of dances that you want to perform. Once you have determined what dances you are passionate about, then you need to look for a mentor and attend dance classes. Usually, part of the class requirement is a performance at the end of the term, like a recital for musicians. Here are some tips you should follow on your road to becoming a great dancer:

  1. Knowing your style. You have to choose which style of dance you want to learn and pursue depending on the kind of music you love. This is true for most people since dancing involves music and moving with the beat. Also find out whether you want to dance in solo or in coordination with other people. Dance styles that do not require a partner or a group include: ballet, jazz, modern dance, hip hop or street dance, tap dance, belly dance and flamenco. These dances also work well with groups. If you want to dance with a partner, the so-called “ballroom dance” may be for you. These dances vary widely depending on the kind of music. You may choose among cha-cha, swing, boogie, contra dance, Latin dance, waltz and country-western dance. If you are the type who wants do go into dance sport, you have to be knowledgeable and skilled with all these ballroom dance styles.
  2. Looking for a mentor. To learn how to dance, it might be enough to watch videos and shows of dancers you admire. But to be an excellent dancer, you need a mentor who will guide you, not only in learning the dance steps, but also in living the life of a professional dancer. To look for a mentor, find out the top dance instructors in the style of dance you have chosen. You can also look around and visit dance classes and observe how each instructor handle their classes and their students. Also find out whether the professional dancer you admire is conducting his own dance classes or if he owns a dance studio. Visit one of his classes to get a feel of whether he is the type of mentor you can get along with.
  3. Surrounding yourself with good dancers. Once you have found a mentor and a dance studio, immerse yourself with your fellow dancers. Get along with them, get to know them on a personal level and find out their reasons for pursuing dancing. This will help inspire you more, as well as develop camaraderie with your fellow dancers. When the environment is good, it is easier for you to learn the moves, and you can help each other in practicing and perfecting your techniques.
  4. Learning from other successful dancers. It is advisable that you read and watch books and movies or shows that feature successful dancers to inspire you to become like them. It is possible for you to experience some problems that might discourage you from being an excellent dancer, and these inspiring stories can help you move forward. Remember that a positive attitude is very essential in dancing because it shows in your performance.

In between classes, it is important to get to know new people with the same passion, and get inspiration by reading books about dancers’ lives and struggles, watching other dancers’ performances, movies and biographies.  If you are person who takes dancing seriously, they you should know that dancing is more than just a profession, it is a way of life.


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