How To Be Creative: 3 Steps to Being as Creative as You Can Be

How creative are you right now, compared to how creative you COULD be? If 0 is completely uncreative and 10 is creatively alive and thriving every moment of the day, where would you put yourself on that scale? 9? 7? 2?!

Each of us is unique, and that extends to creativity, too. The way you create, what you create and why you create is your own special combination that no one else can replicate.

There are a great number of ways of becoming more creative. The good news is, you already know most of them.

To get closer to living these creative ways takes a little imagination and a little acting to begin with. So suspend all your thoughts of, “But I can’t..!” and, “But I’m not..!” and follow this simple 3-step exercise.

  1. What if you WERE more creative, as creative as you possibly could be? What would that be like? What would you be doing each day? What would be happening around you? How would you be feeling as you created to your full potential? What would you be hearing, what would you be saying to yourself in your thoughts?

    We’ve all had glimpses of being near our creative peak, however briefly. Use this knowledge, as well as trusting your deeper instincts, to write down your ideas as you ponder these questions. Then let them incubate for a day or two and return and answer the questions again.

  2. What are the key elements to being creative? What do creative people do each day, what habits do they have in place? What kind of routines or discipline do they have? What do they believe about themselves and their creative abilities? What are their aims and ambitions, what keeps them motivated to create the best they can create?

    Discard any resistance you may have to knowing the answers: The truth is you know the secrets to being creative if you allow them to come to the surface. Write down your ideas and responses to the questions, and again return to them in a day or two and see what else has come to mind.

  3. How can you make this work for YOUR creative life? What habits can you develop in your own creativity? What mindset can you take on that will help you be most creative? Which limiting negative ideas and beliefs do you need to weed out and replace with more positive and supportive ones? What steps can you take TODAY towards being more creative?

    Use the knowledge you’ve uncovered from the first two steps to start to apply that to your own unique creative life. What are the key factors in helping yourself become more creative? What are the tiny differences to what you do now that are going to make all the difference?

Follow these 3 steps and you’ll be well on your way to being as creative as you know you can be!


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