How To Be Creative with Aquarium Decor

An aquarium is a wonderful tool for relieving stress and calming your nerves. It can provide you hours of fascination and soothe your mind after a hard day’s work as you watch the aquarium denizens flit about, chase and hide. Creating a wonderful underwater scenery in your aquarium can be very rewarding for you and your aquatic pets. Here are some creative ideas to help you come up with your own aquarium landscape.

  • Search for samples of good aquarium settings online and from books and magazines. You can find good reference material from National Geographic magazine as well. These great underwater photographs can give you a fairly good idea on how the natural habitat for aquarium fish looks like.
  • Check out the different materials that are available to use as substrate. This is the material that you use to line up the base or floor of the aquarium. The most common materials being used are gravel and white sand. However you can also use colored marbles, colored glass in different shapes and pebbles.
  • River stones, rocks and synthetic driftwood are also interesting décor pieces for the aquarium. You can replicate some rock formations that resemble those under the sea by gluing rocks of different sizes and shapes with silicone sealant for wet areas. Do not use too many large décor pieces so that you do not crowd the aquarium. The fishes need some place to hide but they also need some very wide spaces to swim about.
  • Get some aquarium plants and anchor them with pebbles and river stones. Strive to make the placements of each piece as natural looking as possible. Refer to underwater scenes that you have found on the web or in books and magazines. Place large rocks over the one side, but quite s distance away from the aquarium walls. Rocks can either break the glass or scratch the acrylic surface of the aquarium. Place the driftwood somewhere off the middle as your central décor and anchor some small water plants near it. A few river stones on the other side will complete the scene.
  • Small clay and glazed jars will also look good as décor. The combination of elements will age the pots nicely and they can provide a good hiding place for shy fishes. Consider plastic figures that double as aerators not only to balance your design but also keep the aquarium water fresh.
  • Choose elements that are curvy and wavy as these will echo the waves and the currents in the water and will give off a softer look instead of using items that are solid and look like blocks. Limit you choice of décor to few, well-chosen pieces that will tie up your design nicely.

Decide on what is the most effective lighting method to use to show off your aquarium and the seascape that you have created to great advantage. The items that you use for décor should be those that are rated for use with an aquarium. Rocks and stones should be very clean. Secure informational material from the web on how to decorate your aquarium and what time of solution to use to clean the natural items that you have chosen to include in your design.


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