How To Be Invincible on Megaman Battle Network 3

White and Blue

Megaman Battle Network 3 White Blue has a strange pull that makes people, whatever the age, love the game. Some people even go to the extreme of mastering the game to win. But there is an easier way to defeat the enemies and earn victory: you only need to be invincible. Being invincible keeps you from getting injuries, protects you from the enemies, and restores your health. There are several ways to acquire that ability. Here they are:

  1. Get the Undershot Block. Turn the Undershot on before a battle. Doing so will allow you to heal even if you are severely hit and close to dying. You can also use the Undershot when your health is decreasing, keeping you from hitting less than 1 HP. If you use the Undershot, you will remain invincible throughout the game.
  2. Acquire the Grass Panel. Make sure to activate the chip. When you use Grass Panel, you will keep your health and be invincible simply by stepping on the grass panels. The only threat is that the grass is vulnerable to fire attacks. If the grass gets ruined by the fire, your invincibility will vanish and you will be left defenseless against the enemies. To keep your ability to be invincible, you need to have spare Grass Panel chips in your own folder. This way, you will still have plenty of Grass Panel chips to use even after so many attacks. While using your Grass Panel chip, you can even more increase your invincibility by being a Wood Ground Style Megaman; this will enable you to gain health.
  3. Do the flinching technique. You can protect yourself from injuries by blinking white after receiving a strong attack and staying white for about three seconds at least. You can use this technique against FlashMan, Guardian, Jealousy, and Sensor and be protected from their powerful attacks. Only make sure to use this invincibility technique wisely and promptly.
  4. Use the Sanctuary chip. When you use this, all your panels will turn into Holy type panels, enabling you to split any damage into half. If used along with Dark Aura, Holy type panels can obstruct all attacks that yield below 300 damage points.
  5. Use codes. There are two codes you can utilize to be invincible: 218A6BE40F70 to give you full protection and 3DD365A2256F to award you maximum health. Both codes can enhance your chances of winning Megaman Battle Network 3 White Blue.

Knowing these invincibility techniques will make the game extra exciting, so keep them in mind when playing Megaman Battle Network 3 White Blue. When you have already mastered these invincibility techniques, not only will you survive the game, you also will keep winning game after game. Remember, however, that Megaman Battle Network 3 White Blue, especially if you already know how to become invincible, is quite addicting and might consume a great percentage of your time, so be a responsible gamer and know when to stop playing. But in any case, enjoy the game!


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