How To Be More Creative: Ready, Take AIM, Create!

A great way of becoming more creative is to get in touch with your real feelings about creating certain projects, and what your ambitions and intentions are. If you know vaguely what you want to create, but you’re not sure why, how, or if you can create it, you’re likely to be spending a great deal of time staring at a blank page, screen or canvas in frustration and anguish.

Here then is a powerful 3-step technique--called the AIM method--you can use to follow your creative passions and create what’s most important to YOU:

  1. A is for Achievable: Is what you want to create actually achievable? If you’re planning to write a novel in a weekend but still want to have 3 hours off for lunch and be in bed by 9 p.m., it’s just not realistic. What have others achieved that’s similar to what your aims are? How long does it take to write a novel, compose an album, paint a 7-work series of abstracts? What kind of equipment and set-up is needed? Again, look at what others have achieved and how they’ve been able to achieve it.
  2. I is for I: Can I achieve this creative goal? Once you’ve got past step 1 and found that your creative goals and ambitions are possible in theory, it’s time to ask if YOU can do them. This is where your beliefs about yourself and your creativity come into play, as well as your own particular circumstances. Ask yourself honestly whether you believe you can. Write down any beliefs that limit you and hold you back, then turn them around into positive alternatives.
  3. M is for Motivation: Do I have the motivation to achieve this? So, you know it can be done, and it can be done by you. But what’s your motivation? What is driving you to create what you want to create? An effective way of looking at this is to ask: “How will my creative life be different when I’ve achieved this creative ambition? How will I feel? What will it give me?” Then switch this around and ask: “What will happen if I don’t create what I want to create? How will I feel then?” Your answers to these crucial questions will make it clear how motivated you are.

Once you’ve gone through the 3 steps of the AIM method--Achievable, I, Motivation--you’ll have a much clearer idea about what you want to create, why you want to create it, and whether it’s achievable.

If you come up against major obstacles in any of the 3 steps, ask yourself whether they’re something you can overcome, or if maybe what you originally thought you wanted to create wasn’t what you really want to create after all.

By following these steps, you’ll save yourself hours of frustration trying to force yourself down creative avenues you really don’t want to travel, leaving you free to focus all your creative time and energy on the creative projects you’re most passionate about and that are most important to you.

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