How To Be the Winner at Monopoly

Real Life is tough for the ordinary person, owning a car can take a few years of saving up. Buying a house is everyone’s dream but not exactly something that everyone can have. You just can’t win at life. But there is one thing you can be good at, where you can own houses and buildings and even whole corporations, that is by playing Monopoly.  

Monopoly is a highly popular game that even your grandmother was crazy about. It used to be just one of the best board games of all time. Your granny must have stayed a very long time looking at this board game, following the rules and beating other players. Now it is not just on a board that you can purchase at markets, but available also on free online games websites. You can win this game by following some of the steps below.

  1. When the game starts, check out the competition. Gauge what their type of personality is. Are they aggressive or passive? It’s not poker but knowing who’s around you can give you a bit more confidence in the game.
  2. Try not to incur so many debts too soon.
  3. Buy properties that are not of the same color with another player at the first few minutes of the game. It would assure you that there would be fair play on who owns the most houses in a particular group.
  4. Do not be too property happy and buy everything you can in one go. Remember you might land on other player’s properties and you need money to pay them otherwise it's early bankruptcy for you.
  5. Try your best to own Illinois Avenue because it is the most visited property. Owning this can give you an edge even on an online game.
  6. Choose railroad over utilities because it gets passed on a lot more times. Games like this require being a bit smart.
  7. Once you land in jail, pay the fine especially if it is at the start of the game. Staying there would waste time in acquiring properties. Opposite action for the end of the game applies where there are too many owners and too many rentals that are already underway.
  8. As much as you can, get all the houses in one property because rent will be extremely high.
  9. If what you have are the least favorite on the board, get all the houses still so you can increase the rent.
  10. The best property to own are the orange ones because they are usually the next place players from jail lands. This applies even on Monopoly online games.
  11. If a player is already bankrupt, don’t let him back in the game. It ruins the whole play.
  12. When a player wants to mortgage a property and he is hard up, convince him to sell instead because other players can just buy a mortgaged property easily because it is less expensive.
  13. You can win by being the banker and cheating but that does not count as winning at all if you look at it in the right perspective. Playing games in an honest way is the best way to go.

Play Monopoly the best way that you can and live the life of a hotel mogul or a multimillionaire. It is fun to play pretend and play your best to achieve it.


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