How To Beat Halo 3 on Legendary

So, you are excited to witness the actual ending of Halo 3 but you just can’t do it because you don’t know how to win the game. No problem with that, after reading the instructions below, you will know how you can beat the odds in the game:

  1. The featured enemies in Halo 3 are strong enough. Hence, they can easily cause you serious damage. To keep yourself safe, you should not get too close to them. This will help you a lot in finishing the game.
  2. When you see a sniper rifle or a battle rifle, pick it up immediately as a replacement to your weakest gun. When fighting with the enemies, always shoot them on their head. The grunts will only take a few bullets and they will be dead. The brutes though will need more firing but you can kill them easily by shooting them on their heads.
  3. Keep sticky grenades with you as much as possible. This way, you will be able to survive when you find yourself in an ambush. With one grenade, you will be able to escape the group immediately. You can kill more than one if you face the grunt. However, the brutes will only roar at you. But at least, you will be given the chance to run away.
  4. When facing hammer brutes, make sure to keep on moving no matter what. You can throw them grenades to keep them stuck on a wall for a few seconds. But remember to throw the grenades at their feet and not on their head or body for the grenade will simply bounce back. Dare to beat them by firing at them almost endlessly. But don’t be discouraged if hammer brutes will consume the entire ammo supply of one gun.
  5. Meanwhile, turret brutes are easier to kill as compared to hammer brutes. When fighting with these brutes, there are normally fire grenades that can be found on the ground. Unlike your typical grenades, these grenades will not bounce back. So pick them up and throw them to the hammer and turret brutes to beat them.
  6. Floods are the most difficult enemies to be faced in the game. So when you need to go into their base, you need to get a cover that will serve as your shield. Take note that a flood is a turret or a spider-type thing that transforms. Since floods are very deadly, you should not allow either of them to transform into a flood or you will be dead. Always shield yourself while fighting, this can be quite time consuming but this is the best way for you to survive the fight.
  7. The last stage will require you to climb a tower. To do this, you need to eliminate the flood out from the range while covering yourself. You will also find an arbiter here who will kill the entire floods by himself. However, make sure to help him do it because he can’t kill all the floods alone. Also, do not rush the enemies on Legendary. All of them will kill you once you get near to them.

With all of these strategies in mind, you surely can have a triumphant time while playing Halo 3.


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