How To Beat Prey for the Xbox 360

Prey is video game that was developed as a first person shooter game by Venom Games for the Xbox 360 game console, Human Head Studios for the PC version and Aspyr Media for the Mac version of the game. The game involves aliens aboard a mother ship that devours everything in its path. Their intention is to eat everything on Earth so they can survive. These suggestions will help you beat Prey for the Xbox 360.

  1. Choosing a Weapon. There will be various weapons for you to use in the game to kill off aliens. You just need to know which ones to pick up for the right situation. There are long range weapons like the rifle that enables you to snipe aliens from a distance. You can also use crawlers that explode once it reaches the aliens, or grenade launcher that allows you to make a lot of damage from afar. There are short range weapons like the shotgun that will shoot out poison. Then there is the trusty wrench lying around that you can use to beat aliens over the head with. Learn to use each one effectively in every type of situation you get into. You will learn to never use a grenade launcher in a small space where the explosion can kill you too, so make the right choices.
  2. Keep out of Sight. What you should not do is draw a lot of attention on you or you won’t be able to survive for very long. Your plan of action should be to stay out of sight so you can sneak up on aliens and catch them unaware. Use your long range weapons and snipe aliens while staying hidden; they won’t know what hit them. Maximize the use of portals that can transport you to other locations around the ship. This will come in handy when Prey sends out a bunch of aliens after you. You can then use these portals to escape them. There are gravity fields on the ship that you can use to maneuver around obstacles with.
  3. Mini games. Prey will give you a puzzle that you have to solve. Some may be easy to solve and others may take a while to find a solution to. The puzzles will have logical solutions so take a look around and observe the area, there might be elements there that will help you solve the puzzle. Another mini game like feature is where you are thrown into a dream state and you have to find a way to get back to your body.

To beat prey you will need a little bit of logic and controller skills. This combination will go a long way in the game to aid you in accomplishing your mission.


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