How To Beat the Second Boss in No More Heroes

The second boss in No More Heroes is named Pastel Brankino, but he is best known by his alias “Doctor Peace”. He is divorced and has a daughter named Jennifer from whom he is estranged. Doctor Peace’s current placement in the United Assassins Associate is the ninth strongest of all assassins affiliated with UAA.

Pastel Brankino works as a shady detective and an assassin. He is also a master gunslinger. He is often referred as the “department store of crime”. Aged fifty, Doctor Peace is known for his enthusiasm for karaoke. Doctor Peace takes great pleasure in taking the lives of his opponents and claims that it is his calling. The weapon he uses is a dual golden revolver. As such, this boss’ attacks greatly lay in projectiles.

Here are some recommendations for you to beat the second boss in No More Heroes.

  1. Before fighting Doctor Peace, save your game. Well, this much is true for any bosses or games for that matter. In case you lose the game, you will be able to go back from where you started.
  2. Be on the defensive always. Make sure you are on defensive as he will bombard you with gunshots. Always be on guard and if you get a chance, get close to him quickly and attack. Immediately retreat and be on the defensive.
  3. Look out for his shots. He will swap his shooting from low and high. Avoid these shots as fast as you could. Don’t attack while Doctor Peace is shooting at you.
  4. Attack when he’s not shooting. There will be a time when his shooting barrage at you stops. This is the time to be on the offensive. Hit him with all you’ve got. Be very careful because after you attack, you could be very vulnerable. Attacking also takes a lot of your energy so be very cautious and prepare to evade.
  5. Try to be in close proximity to him. Being within close range will stop his long-range attacks, which are harder to dodge. Don’t be caught off guard as he will still be able to shoot you in close proximity but it’ll be easier for you to dodge and strike back.
  6. When Doctor Peace starts to charge, stop it by hitting him with your own charge attack. Doing this will definitely stop his attack and will then leave him vulnerable for a few seconds. Take advantage of it and knock him off with what you’ve got.

As much as you can, stop all his charge attacks because they will give him an advantage. Recharge your health and battery from near the dugouts if need be.


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