How To Become a Contest Winner

Everybody likes to be a winner, but to become a contest winner may take some work. In general, a single entry form will not yield much success unless the contest prize is uniquely designed for a select few entrants. To better one's contest eligibility, one needs to focus on multiple entries.

The rules and regulations must be well read before attempting multiple entries in case of disqualification for entering more than once. Some contest rules do indeed allow for more than one entry, but may have restrictions of one entry per day. Failure to meet the contestant requirements may result in all the entrant's applications being thrown out, so be sure to read and understand the fine print.

A good way to win the prize of your dreams is to Google the item or cash amount along with the key words "contest" or "entry." Such Internet prize contests may not be that well publicized and make for a good chance of claiming first prize. Retail outlets and manufacturers often hold prize contests for their latest wares such as guitars, cruise ship tickets and even automobiles. And the savvy contest participant has the chance to cash in big with local and regional cash and merchandise giveaways.

The key to winning is being consistent and entering everything you can find, whether it is at the local grocery store or a mega-prize drawing online. Someone has to win and it might as well be you, but if you don't enter, you have already lost. Even if the contest prize is something you know you cannot use, be astute in evaluating its potential for resale value through eBay and similar Internet venues.

If your desired contest is awarded by merit, rather than random drawing, be sure you have researched the area in which you will compete. Are there profiles of past winners and an opportunity to read about their work? What are the exact points the contest rules have asked for? Careful attention to detail, along with a creative approach can make the difference between an honorable mention and the contest winner. It’s important to treat the contest project as seriously as you would a job to ensure you have met and exceeded the judge’s expectations. Never assume you are good enough or just competitive in the market. A push for excellence is the mark to hit, regardless of the value of the prize.


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