How To Become a Cult Leader in the Sims 2

There are ten career paths you can take in Sims 2. All of which need special skills and a certain amount of friends required. These careers have their own unique schedules and payouts but why stick to the norm? Try having a Paranormal career in Sims 2 by becoming a cult leader. Here are some recommendations for you to become a cult leader.

  1. Create and register a new Sims account. Open your browser and enter Web address “”. Generate a new Sims account. If you already have an existing Sims online account, skip this part.
  2. Make your character. Once you log on to your newly created Sims online account, you will see three vacant character slots. On the lower-right corner of the screen, you will see the “Create A New Sim”. Hit this button and begin creating your Sim’s characteristics.
  3. Install the UNI pack. Once you are done making up your Sim’s characteristics, install the UNI pack. UNI pack is an expansion pack that was released on the first of March in 2005. Without the UNI pack, you would not be able to have your character enter the university.
  4. Have your Sim enter the university. Once you have installed the UNI pack, have your Sim take a college course. Taking a major on Paranormal Studies would be great if you want your Sim to become a leader of a cult. Taking up Paranormal Studies is not really required in becoming a cult leader but it would be more advantageous to do so. Also opt for your character to become a Knowledge Sim. Becoming a Knowledge Sim will allow you to have many opportunities to learn information on other character Sims like Ghosts and or Vampires.
  5. Be polite in speech and practice using your charisma.  As with becoming a leader in the real world, charisma is needed. This is true also in the virtual world. Make sure you have a sense of diplomacy and interpersonal skills. You will find this useful later on in your Paranormal career.
  6. Befriend as many individuals as you can. This is to make it so that when you build a cult, you can invite them and they’ll be comfortable with you as their leader. Befriend more than thirteen individuals. It could be anyone that you can invite. Then after befriending them, make sure that you get to know them deeper. What good would it be to befriend someone if you are not going to deepen your friendship?
  7. Take and study courses in the arts. It could be anything from writing to music. Being a cult leader would require you to be as creative and talented as you could be. In order to climb the Paranormal ladder, your Sim should accomplish getting the full ten Creativity points.
  8. Learn domestic skills. Know how to cook and clean and make sure to maintain your physical condition.

Last but not the least, you should get used to staying awake at night. Cult leaders start work at 6 PM and end at 3 PM.


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