How To Become a World of Outlaws Race Official

Outlaw racing is one of the most competitive forms of dirt track racing today. If racing is in your blood, working in the field of Outlaws could be very gratifying. Read every aspect of the WRG website. Knowing the in's and out's of how the group works will make for a more satisfying employer/employee relationship. Work as an Outlaw Official involves travel, as there are in excess of 1000 or more tracks around the nation currently. They run two series in WRG; the Sprint Car Series and the Late Model Series. Both are competitive dirt track motor sports entities.  It is a passion, for Drivers and Race fans alike.

The fastest way to become an Outlaw Official in the World of Outlaws is visit the World Racing Group website, and complete the following:

Go to

  1. Click on the corporate tab, and take the time to  read about the history and future of Outlaw racing, what they have accomplished and where they want to go in the world of dirt track racing.
  2. The next tab to click on is the Careers tab, bringing you to an informational page, please read the entire page; a lot of information is displayed here, helping you to learn more about the company and how they do things.
  3. The next thing that would help you, is visit the "Working at WRG" page, every aspect of every part time and full times positions will be covered on this page.. Read it carefully; make sure this is what you want to do before you apply.
  4. Next click on “Current Openings", many of the jobs with WRG will be listed, some you will see are for individual driving teams and it will tell you if that is the case, these positions have nothing to do with the WRG. If the position you are seeking is available, click on the " Online Application" tab, fill out the application completely, leaving no blanks and make sure you edit your information before submitting, when finished hit the submit button. If the position you are looking for is not listed you will not be able to apply until it comes available.

Applications are kept for 12 months, and then you must re-apply. A note however, regarding the Outlaw Official position you are seeking. Take the time to read each position available. You may be able to get your foot in the door by accepting positions other than Outlaw Official. For instance currently there is a position for Technical Inspector listed on the WRG site which gets you started in the right direction, if you read the entire listing of the Technical Inspector job description; part of the job requirement is serving as a Race Official.


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