How To Blow Out an Egg

Blowing out eggs is necessary for many crafts, like making Easter Eggs or for decorative purposes. However, many have the tendency to blow the egg's contents out with their mouth. To avoid these hassles, you can use much more convenient and cleaner ways to do the job. Here are the steps that you will need to do.

  1. Choose between the two blowing out methods. These two methods are the ‘one hole method’ and the ‘second hole method’. The one hole method requires you to, appropriately enough, make only one hole that is good if you want a cleaner look for your eggshell. However, blowing out its contents will be relatively harder using this method. On the other hand, the two hole method, as the name suggests, will require you to make two holes and make the blowing out part easier.
  2. The one hole method. Make a hole on the ‘flatter’ end of the egg using a pin or a needle. You can also use a small drill, although you must take considerable precaution in using it. You might ruin or break the whole eggshell if you slip. Using the pin, although safer, is much harder and needs a lot of focus. When using a pin, make a small initial hole, then make this larger by twisting it back and forth. When using a drill, on the other hand, carefully point the activated drill in the middle of the flatter end of the egg, and make a small crater first before continuing the holing. This will create a sort of ‘anchor’ to avoid your drill from slipping. Make a hole that is large enough to insert the suction of your syringe.
  3. The two hole method. Do step number 2, but now also make another hole on the opposite side of the egg. This would be relatively harder because it is more pointed on the other end.
  4. For both the methods. After creating the hole/s, use a needle or pin and pierce the egg content inside. The contents of the egg are enclosed by a kind of membrane and you need to break this down to make the blowing up much easier. After breaking this membrane, use your suction tool to blow the contents out. You can use an ear syringe, a medical syringe (minus the needle), or a small drinking straw that can fit the hole/s or anything with the similar functions.
  5. Blow the contents out. You can choose either water or air. Turn the egg in a way wherein the flatter base of it is the facing the ground. The suction tool will initialize the blowing out. After some time, take it out and let the contents drip.
  6. Clean the eggshell. Run it through running water or squirt some into the hollow eggshell. Shake and let it drip. You can repeat this according to your own purpose and preference.
  7. Dry the eggshell. You can dry the shell under the sun for 3 days. You can also use the microwave oven to do the same job.

Blowing out eggshells is that easy. However, be careful with dealing with them because of their fragility and tendency to have harmful bacteria.


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