How To Boost Your Sex Appeal with Latin Dancing

Latin dancing may well be one of the sexiest types of dances. The sensual movement of the body to the rhythm and the music that accompanies this dance is definitely a positive move toward developing or improving the dancer’s sex appeal. The salsa, the mambo, macarena, and cha-cha, among others, are all part and parcel of Latin dancing. Originating from the days of slavery, this form of dance was created by the slaves themselves as a way of entertaining themselves to help them forget their troubles, even for a while. Today, Latin dancing has become very popular, even in the elite crowd. The movements have been more refined through the years and you certainly dress up to dance too. If you would like to use this medium to enhance your sex appeal, give these suggestions some thought:

  • Set your mind to wanting to dance. This is the first basic step. Once you have really decided, start practicing certain dance moves even while into your regular routine. When walking around your house or taking a stroll around the park, sway your hips just a little to get the spirit of Latin dance into your system little by little. Play some Latin music while you are working around your home or doing household chores. Imbibe the rhythm and the rhyme into your system. Understanding Latin music will make it much easier for your body to blend with it.
  • Develop an awareness of your body. Make an honest assessment of how physically fit you are and create a program for yourself   to improve on whatever needs to be improved. Get into some physical exercises that can prepare you for dancing. You must be able to have the stamina for it. Exercising will build up your energy, improve your agility, and help you achieve flexibility, which are basic elements required for dancing.
  • Focus on the type of Latin dance you would really like to do. Enroll yourself in a dancing class or hire a dance instructor to teach you the basic moves and bring out the best in you. There are several types of Latin dances to choose from but try to master one first, before learning the next.
  • Dress up for the occasion. This will surely add a lot to that sex appeal oozing out while you are dancing. Stand in front of the mirror and see which part of your body frame needs enhancing along with assets you can flaunt. Colorful and frilly dresses are the frequent attire for Latin dancing. Pair it off with sexy dancing shoes that you can purchase, or better yet, have them custom made according to your preference. Make sure that you are comfortable with your whole look. Ill-fitting clothes or shoes are a no-no. Your body must be able to move freely so you not only dance well but look great as well.
  • Practice proper hygiene. Remember that Latin dancing requires close contact with a partner so it is not only necessary to look good, but you must smell good too. Take a shower daily. Avoid strong perfumes that can be an irritant to your partner. A light, fresh scent that blends well with your body even as you sweat would be great. Keep your breath smelling fresh and clean. Indulge in a manicure and pedicure so your nails are well groomed. Wear the proper cosmetics. Stick to waterproof types so you avoid makeup streaking, in case you sweat.

Have confidence in yourself. It is always good to practice and develop a mastery of your skill in this particular art so you may exude the confidence that is a basic factor in dancing. Being unsure of your movements is not attractive. All eyes will always be on the dancer who carries herself with grace and self-assurance, and who knows exactly what she is doing.


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