How To Bronze Baby Shoes

You can treasure your baby’s first steps by bronzing your baby’s first shoes! A lot of people bronze items that are special to them. These include hats, gloves, mitts and other items of importance. You can get almost any item bronzed by different companies that specialize in bronzing, but this is expensive. So why not bronze the baby shoes by yourself? You only need a few materials that you can purchase from the craft store.

You will surely have a special place for the bronzed item and it will truly be memorable for you as you made it yourself. Here are the steps on how you can bronze baby shoes:

  1. Materials for bronzing. The materials that you will need are the baby shoes, denatured alcohol, strong string, rubber cement, liquid bronze, black oil pain, camel hair brush and plaster of Paris. You can purchase these items from your local arts and crafts store. This is cheaper than getting a company to do the bronzing for you. You can bronze several items with these few materials as you won’t be using all of them up for the baby shoes.
  2. Preparation. First, you have to clean the baby shoes that you are going to bronze. Use a clean rag to get rid of dust particles on the shows. After wiping it, put some denatured alcohol on the rag and rub it on the shoes. Baby shoes are soft to the touch. If you want to make the shoes sturdy, fill it with plaster of Paris and let it completely dry. When it is already dry, fix how you want the laces and the tongue to look like. You can hold them in place with the rubber cement. Punch a hole on the shoes where you can put the thread through. Tie the thread securely.
  3. Making the copper shoe. Now, it is time to bronze the shoes. If you do not have a ready made bronze mixture, you can make your own by mixing bronze metallic powder to varnish. Make sure that there are no lumps in the mixture. Use the camel hair brush and paint the baby shoes with the bronze mixture. Be sure to paint every part of the shoes. Hang the shoes by the string that you knotted and let it completely dry.
  4. Antique effect. When the shoes are completely dry, you can already paint it over with the liquid bronze added with a bit of black oil. This will make the bronze shoes look like they are antique. Afterwards, allow the shoes to dry again. Remove the string that you tied and display the baby shoes.

These are the simple steps on how you can bronze your baby shoes. You can also bronze other items that you own by following these steps. It is really easy to do! You can even give the bronzed items as gifts or giveaways to parties and other special celebrations. Your friends will surely appreciate the effort that you put in making the present.


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