How To Build a Backgammon Table

Backgammon is one of the more famous board games all through out the world. A lot of people are fond of playing this game. This game is also for both social and competitive play. It can be played in clubs, tournaments, international competitions, and on Internet game rooms. This will allow you to have an unlimited access to the game anytime you want.

These are the steps that you have to do to make your backgammon table.

  • Choose the wood stock that you will use. You need to have four rails, plywood sheet (top), center piece and four legs.
  • Cut the legs of your table. It should initially measure 36 inches in height, but you can decide on your desired table height during final cutting. You should calculate the height properly, because you don’t want to roll the dice standing on a high table, nor to hunch uncomfortably on a low table.
  • Use a four by four inch wood for your table’s legs. Best choices are usually maple, oak or ash. You can make the edges of the table’s leg round by using a router.  Use a table saw if you want to shape the legs sharply. Then position them on the floor to see how high the table will be, and how will it look like.
  • Next, get good leg support. Cut the rails that will be used as a brace for the table’s legs. Use oak, maple or ash measuring 2 by 4 inches for your rails. You have to subtract the entire width and length of the table to the legs’ thickness after the side rails go into the legs. Then cut the side rails according to the difference of those measurements. Then, get the measurements of the distance between each leg. And trim down the rails to meet the measured size. You should aim for at least 28 by 28 inches to have a better fit.
  • Use a level to make sure that the shape will be square in affixing the rails to the table’s legs. You can either put them on by using a 90 degree metal brace which has a perfect fit that meets the face of each leg horizontally or by drilling holes into the legs and side rails and use glue and wood dowels for its attachment.
  • Cut the table top. Cut the top of the table according to the official size of a backgammon game board (26 by 21 inches). Use a table saw to rip the tabletop horizontally. Then use a router to round the edges.
  • Get three 1-inch maple, oak or ash boards and cut them according to the width of the top. Use a miter saw to cross-cut them. Then, put one of them in the middle of the table top and put the remaining on two opposite poles of the board. Resize the board if needed and smooth or flatten the surface using a sand paper. Then use a wood glue to stick them in place.
  • Get the measurements of the space between those boards. Use your miter saw to cut another 4 boards according to the measured length (distance between the first three boards). Use a sand paper to flatten the surface and a plane to smooth the edges. Make sure that these boards will fit accurately. Then, position them along the corners between the three boards positioned earlier. Use glue to stick them in place.
  • Finish the board. Use a jig saw and drill to cut out the slots and two game boards. Use two colors in painting the points of your board.

It would be beneficial if you will build your own backgammon table with a printed backgammon board on it especially if you play this game regularly. Building a custom backgammon table can also be a fun DIY project you can do with a friend or loved one during a weekend.


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