How To Build a Backyard Dart Board

One of the best pastimes in bars across the world is the game of darts. You may have wanted to purchase your own dart board to recreate some of the bar atmosphere at home, or in your own backyard. You may have realized that dart boards are not as cheap as you hoped. Don’t fret. Building a backyard dart board is easy and fun to do.

To make your own backyard dart board you will need a few materials. You need a sheet of plywood that is one half inch thick, a piece of quarter inch cork board, a strong adhesive, and two colors of paint.

Begin by cutting the plywood into a circle that is eighteen inches in diameter. Next, cut your cork board into an eighteen inch diameter circle, and attach to the plywood with strong adhesive.

Now that you have the base for your backyard dart board you can begin drawing six circles onto the board. Your inner “Bull” should be directly in the center of the cork board, half an inch in diameter, surrounded by the outer Bulls-eye which is one and a quarter inches in diameter. The next circle should be 7 and 7/8 inches in diameter, next 8 and ½ inches. The strip between the circles is known as the triple score ring. The last two circles should be drawn at 12 and 7/8 inches , as well as 13 and ½ inches.

Begin dividing your six circles into twenty equal sections. Be careful not to divide the bulls-eye, it will only confuse you and make the board look strange. Once you have divided the sections, use your acrylic paint to color the sections in alternate colors. Assign each section a numeric point value by either writing it on the cork or painting it.

Your backyard dart board is now done. The next step is to hang it, or build a backyard stand for it. If you will be mounting this, the dart board should be hung five feet, eight inches from the bull to the floor – regulation rules.

If you are planning on building a stand, this might set you back a little more in cash. Begin by digging two holes, 25 inches apart, in your backyard, about two feet deep. Place a 4x4 inch weather treated post into each hole and fill with concrete. After the concrete has set, measure two feet from the top of each post and mark. Place a 40x40 inch treated ply board on the posts so that its bottom touches the marks you created, nail the board to the posts. Find the center of the ply board, mark it, and hang your newly created dartboard 10 and ¾ inches from the top of the board.


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