How To Build a Bamboo Tiki Hut

Bamboo tiki hut

A Bamboo Tiki Hut is an easy and fun weekend DIY project.  This tutorial will explain the basic steps to build a Bamboo Tiki Hut that is 8'x8'x8' with 4 half walls and a doorway.  For a different size Tiki hut, adjust the measurements accordingly.  The materials you will need are twelve 2 in x 4 in x 8 ft boards and two 1 in x 1 in x 6 ft boards for the frame and six 4 ft x 8 ft sheets of bamboo*, plus two 4x8 sheets of plywood for the floor, heavy-duty nails for the wood, wood glue, and finishing nails for the bamboo.  A weather-proof sealer for the wood and bamboo is recommended.  Tools you will need include a saw, a hammer, a tape measure, chalk, and a level.

Once you have your building materials, start by taking eight of the 8 ft planks and using them to make two squares by orienting the planks on their sides (so that they are 4 inches tall, not lying flat).  Each board should have one enclosed end and one exposed end when they are nailed in place.  When both squares are done, stand them on end 8 ft apart and place another 2x4 into the front bottom corner of both and nail in place.  Repeat this step for each corner.  Nail 2 plywood boards to one of the squares and 2 bamboo sheets to the other square and stand the Tiki hut up, with the plywood end on the bottom.

On one sheet of bamboo, oriented to be 4 ft tall, start at the left corner and measure right 3 ft and mark it with chalk from top to bottom.  Repeat from the right corner moving left.  This will be the doorway.  Nail bamboo sheets around the bottom of the Tiki hut, then cut out the area inside the chalk lines with your saw, including the bottom 2x4.  Cut the 1x1 boards as necessary to fit and glue them around the inside edges of the doorway and across the top to reinforce the bamboo.  Finishing nails should also be used, once the 1x1’s are secured with the glue.

*If your local hardware or home improvement store does not carry bamboo, just do an internet search for "bamboo building material" and you should be able to find everything you are looking for.  Depending on the weight of the bamboo sheets available, you may want to use plywood for the frame with enough bamboo sheets to cover the plywood on both sides, to make sure the structure is sturdy and heavy enough not to fall over.  The corner boards can also be covered with bamboo poles, for decorative purposes.


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