How To Build a Barn Siding Table

Learning how to build a barn siding table will come in handy for those people who live in the country and are in the middle of tearing down and removing a barn from their property. This is a good way to reuse and recycle the wood from the old barn. These tables will add a touch of antiqueness to your home while giving you a useful area to work or to have the children a work area for arts and crafts. Since the wood is already weathered and holds a look of distress to it, it won’t matter much if anything gets onto the wood as far as crayon or marker goes.

The first step in creating a barn siding table is to first draw a picture of how you want your table to look as far as the height of the table and the width of the table. I’m going to use the measurement of the table height being a 2 feet tall with the width of the table being 2 feet and the final measurement is the length of the table being 4 feet long. With these measurements you are going to need to create a frame out of the barn siding that will measure 4 feet in length and you will need 2 of these. Once you have these measured you will need to have the width of the table measured at one foot eight inches. This allows for the difference in the measurement of the wood. Once you have these measured and set up you will want to use 4 hinges to attach the wood siding. The reason why you want to use the hinges is to give it a little more feel of the country. Once you have attached the hinges and the frame is sturdy the next step is to place the top on the table.

Measure the wood barn siding slats in 4 inches in width. This will require you use 6 barn siding slats to create the top of the table. Once you have measured and cut the slats and then installed them to the top of the table with screws you will want to use some added pieces to the sides of the table. By cutting the extra pieces in the size of the width of the 2x4 (meaning you will want to cut the boards into 4 inch pieces) and screw them into place on the sides of the table. This will allow for a wrap around look of a barn siding table. Once you have done this be sure to sand the wood as you want to prevent any one getting a sliver when playing at the table. Once you have done this you will want to attach the legs to the table.

Measure 2x4 in the height of one foot 8 inches and you will need to have 8 of these and attach these to the table of the shape of a L to allow a more sturdy barn siding table. Once you have screwed these into place you will then want to apply a coat of stain or lacquer. Once you have done this allow to sit for a day before using in your home as these fumes can be quite potent if the room does not circulate air well.


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