How To Build a Basketball Backboard

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in both in this country and the world.  It is fun to watch and play.  The great thing about basketball is that it can be played on a team, with just a couple friends, or by yourself.  All you need to play basketball alone is a hoop with a backboard and a ball.  Basketball hoops are found in many people’s backyards and driveways, and can be easily built and installed.  This article will give you the steps needed in how to build a basketball backboard.
The first step in how to build a basketball backboard is to collect all necessary tools and supplies.  You first need to determine what kind of backboard you want, and wear it will be attached to.  Backboards can be made of plexiglas, or plastic, but the cheapest option is plywood.  Backboards are commonly placed on large steel poles, but placing it on a flat wall, like above your garage is simplest.  For a cheap and easy to assemble hoop you will need plywood, a table saw, a paint brush, some red paint, screws and a drill.
After deciding where to put the backboard, and collecting all necessary supplies, the next step in how to build a basketball backboard is to cut and shape the plywood.  Before cutting, you will want to use a pen to mark the dimensions.  The proper dimensions of a backboard are three feet by four feet.  After marking the dimensions of the backboard, use the table saw to cut.  You can probably use a hand saw if a table saw isn’t available.

After cutting the plywood, you will want to apply some paint.  First, you will want to paint on a red or white 12 inch by 12 inch square at the bottom center of the backboard.  This square is used as an aim point when playing basketball.  You may then style the rest of the backboard as you wish.  Many people like to paint the edges of the backboard, which provides a form of trim and separation from the wall that it sits on.
After cutting and painting, the next step in how to build a basketball backboard is to hang the backboard.  A basketball backboard needs to be able to take a good amount of force for both the basketball shots and the wind, so you will need at least four heavy duty screws.  Drill four even and level holes for each corner of the backboard into your wall.  With the help of someone else, screw the backboard into your wall.  Make sure the backboard is level, and sturdy, and after installing a hoop, you are ready to use your basketball backboard.  


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