How To Build a Bed Canopy

Building your own bed canopy can be a simple, easy to do project.  A bed canopy adds decoration to your room and can add more of a privacy factor or even a romantic factor to your room.  In order to build your bed canopy, you will need curtain rods and curtains for your canopy.   First, you will put two of the curtain rods behind the headboard, while the other two rods will be placed behind the footboard of the bed.  If you would like extra support, you may attach the curtain rods behind the headboard to the wall itself to ensure that your bed canopy will be sturdy. 

You will then need to measure the distance from the top of the curtain rod to the floor, to ensure that your curtains will be long enough for the bed canopy.   Once you have measured the distance, you can begin to place the curtains on the rod.

If you do not enjoy the curtain rod look, another way to build a bed canopy is to do so by attaching a hook to the ceiling.  You will first make small holes in the ceiling over each of the four corners of the bed.  Next, you will screw hooks into those holes from which the curtains will be hung.  You will then want to measure the distance from the hook to the floor so that you will have the right amount of length for your curtains.  Once you have the proper measurements and have cut your curtains accordingly, you will then hang the curtains on each of the four hooks.  You will want to make sure to either knot the curtain around the hook or place a hole in the curtain to ensure that the curtains do not fall off of the hooks.

A third option in building a canopy is that of using a hula hoop for the canopy effect.  You will need a sturdy hook, many people suggest a chandelier hook, and you will screw that into the ceiling centered above the bed.  You will of course need to measure your fabric or curtains for the proper length.  You will hang your curtains or fabric from the hook and make sure that they are fastened tightly to the hook. 

You will then place the hula hoop around the center of your curtains or fabric and can either knot the fabric to the hula hoop or glue it onto the hula hoop to ensure it will be sturdy.   To use the hula hoop method to build the canopy, you may want to use a light fabric as it will not be as weighed down and heavy as if you would be attaching it to the curtain rods in the first option.


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