How To Build a Canopy

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A canopy is a tarp covered structure which provides shade on hot and sunny days.  Canopies are normally easily broken down and transportable, but in some situation can be left up as semi permanent structures.  Canopies are perfect for a camp site, sporting event, barbecue, or for your own backyard.  Canopies are easy to build, and the supplies needed for construction can be acquired fairly inexpensively.  This article will give you the steps needed in how to build a canopy.
The first step in how to build a canopy is to pick a location for your canopy.  It is best if it is located in a fairly open and level field, where there is not a lot of natural shad provided.  Since poles will need to be inserted into the ground, softer land for digging will be ideal.
After selecting a site, the next step in how to build a canopy is to gather all necessary supplies.  To build a canopy you will need a tarp, four six foot long PVC pipes with end covers, a drill, a hammer, 4 screws, rope, and tent stakes.

The next step in how to build a canopy is to drill a small hole into the end of each PVC cover.  This will need to be the right size hole for your screws to fit through, and then insert each screw into the end cover.  Then place each screw installed end cover into each PVC pipe.
The next step in how to build a canopy is to attach the tarp to the PVC pipes.  Each corner of the tarp should be attached to a PVC pipe.  A hole in the four corners of the tarp should secure nicely to the PVC pipe, which can then be secured by tightening the screw.  Once the tarp is secured, attempt to pull it away from the pipe to ensure its stability.
The next step in how to build a canopy is to stand it up right, and keep it secured in the ground.  To get the canopy upright, you will want to ask a few people to help you stand up the four pipes.  Do your best to ensure that the tarp is on top and stretched out.  Once you have your PVC pipes properly located and stood up, then the next step in how to build a canopy is to secure the canopy.  Securing the canopy will require wrapping rope around the top of each PVC pipe, and then securing the rope into the ground using a tent stake.
The canopy should now be secured in the ground and ready for use.  When you are done using the canopy, you can easily take it apart and store it in your garage.


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