How To Build a Chandelier

Glass chandelier

To build a chandelier one must first decide upon a chandelier design. After having come to a conclusion about the chandelier in mind, gather the necessary supplies and tools for the chandelier's construction. A wire-stripper, wire cutters, needle-nosed pliers, a screwdriver, a saw, electrical tape, wire nuts and a drill are a few of the tools necessary to make a chandelier. Chain to suspend the chandelier from is needed. Enough wire to extend the length of each arm, and the height of the chandelier plus the length of the chain with about six inches to spare. All thread pipe, or simply all thread, with matching washers and nuts will be needed to connect the chandelier together. Light bulbs for the chandelier matching the socket size are needed.

The arms, body, and base of the chandelier itself need to be accounted for as well. For the baluster, the body and axis of the chandelier, a cylindrical object is needed. The arms of the chandelier can be made from the rails of cribs, headboards, or created with wire or wood. The base of the chandelier, a dome or dish shaped object, needs to allow enough space within to conceal the connections between the lead wire and the chandelier arms' wiring. Sockets will be needed for each arm of the chandelier, along with candle slips to conceal them.

With the drill, hollow a vertical column through the baluster of the chandelier large enough to accommodate the all thread pipe. Cut enough wire to traverse the length of the chandelier's chain and the chandelier itself and thread it through the rod after inserting the rod into the chandelier's core, leaving enough wire to make the connections with the arms in the chandelier's base.

Attach a socket to each chandelier arm using about an inch of all thread and bolts and washers. With your screwdriver loosen the screws on either side of the chandelier's socket, making note of which side is positive and which is negative. Cut enough wire to extend from these screws down the length of the arms to the base of the chandelier. Hollow one side of the chandelier's arms with your drill, stopping short of the far side. Drill at a forty-five degree angle to meet the previous hole on the far ends of the arms of the chandelier and fish the wire through them. Strip about an inch of the plastic casing off both ends of the wire, and split the positive wire, distinguishable due to it being square, from the rounded negative wire the length of the chandelier's sockets. Form a hook with the exposed wire ends and attach them to the corresponding screws on the sockets of the chandelier.

Cover these with the candle slips, attach the arms to the chandelier's base with all thread, washers and nuts and connect the wires with the wire nuts. Conceal the attachment by connecting the base to the chandelier with washers, bolts, and all thread. Attach the finial to the base of the chandelier in a similar fashion leaving it the lowest point on the chandelier. Screw in the light bulbs, thread the wire from the top of the chandelier through the chain to conceal it and test the chandelier. Finally, embellish the chandelier as you see fit, with wax, paint, wiring on crystals or leaf.


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