How To Build a Child's Rocker

If you are considering getting that perfect rocking chair for your child, then you may consider building a child's rocker yourself. When searching online you will be able to find many free patterns available for instruction on the building of children's rockers. Instructions for building a child's rocker are there for beginners as well as experts and are a great value when compared to purchasing the same item at the store.

Once you have found the child's rocker that you want to build you will want to read over all of the instructions very carefully to make sure that you fully understand them and will be able to build the rocking chair. If you are a beginner at homemade projects it is always best to pick a pattern with pictures and illustrations as they will make building your child's rocker less confusing as you proceed. Make sure to print out all of the instructions and illustrations as this will make it easier during the building process.

Now that you have your pattern and illustrations for that child's rocker project you will want to gather up the supplies needed. First you will want to take inventory of all of the tools you will need to build your new rocker. You do not even need a saw to build a child's rocker as most lumber stores will cut wood for you on a price per cut basis and you should consider this option if you are not sure that you will be continuing with future woodworking projects.

Once you have all of your tools together you will want to get all of the measurements for the wood that will be needed to build your child's rocker project. Now you will need to go to the store and pick up your wood. Make sure that you use the recommended type of wood especially if building this rocker is your first project. Be sure to get all of the nuts, bolts, washers and any other hardware that may be needed in the building of your rocker.

Keep in mind that you will be needing a stain, varnish or some other kind of wood finishing product and do not forget the sand paper or steel wool needed to give your child's rocker a smooth platform for the application of these products. You do not need to buy special rags or other material for application as an old cotton shirt will usually do the job.

Find a roomy space with a workbench that has enough area to complete the building of your child's rocker. Follow the step by step instructions and in no time you have this project completed. You and that special little person will definitely appreciate a child's rocker that has been built by your own hands.


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