How To Build a Clear Display Case

What you are going to place in the clear display case will decide how large or how small you will want to make your clear display case. Lets for kicks say that you are creating a clear display case for a baseball. This is a fairly small item to place into a clear display case and therefore you will not need to have a large display case. You will need to have to make a trip to your local home repair store or a window center who sells pieces of acrylic. Once you have the acrylic you will need to have it cut in the size that you need.

Let’s say that you want to purchase a case that will measure in size 6 inches by 6 inches. You will need to have 6 pieces of acrylic cut to this measurement. Once you have these pieces at the size you will then need to have some acrylic sealer that will be used as a seam sealer to attach the sides and the top. You will not want to use the seam sealer on the bottom as this will be used to just set the acrylic case on and will store the item that you want on display inside.

Once you have placed all the seam sealer along the sides of the clear display case, you will want to allow it to sit over night. You will want to have placed the top on the case as well and placed sealer on that. The whole clear display case should be left alone for a full 24 hours to allow the seam sealer to dry before moving it. Once you have done this place the item that you want to put on display in the case and place the top over it. This will give you a simple yet tasteful way to display your items. The clear display case will keep dust and other particles from gathering on top of the item you want to keep protected and therefore will increase the value of the item by keeping it safe.

If you want to create a clear display case for other items such as a porcelain doll the same theory will apply. This means that you will simply need to increase the size of the acrylic to whatever size that you need to use to display that specific item in your clear display case. You will simply just keep increasing the size of the sides and the top to fit your item and leave enough room inside the case to fit the item comfortably. You will not want to leave the item confined to much as this could cause damage as well. Once you have your display cases built and allowed them to dry completely you will be able to place as many items on display in your display cases that you want to keep up and keep free from dust. This is a cheap and efficient way to keep your items safe and increase their value at the same time.


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